Eastpointe, United States

Alicia Evans is a tenacious writer/artist from Detroit, MI. She spends her time confused about why the sky is falling and how to hold it...


Dear Lady

I can no longer bear the secrets I’ve kept so long in shame, / pretending to deny their existence, to deny their growing strain. /…
Snow White - The Fairest of Them All by DeeLishess

Never Enough

“it’s never enough,” you say / And you’re right / It’s not. / No matter how much attention I get / It’s never enough. / Maybe it’s because…
Cover Girl by DeeLishess Jaci, Oh!  by DeeLishess Rockstar Dreams by DeeLishess Self Portrait: The Starlet Within by DeeLishess She's a Star by DeeLishess

Just A Dream

I was glad to be out of the nightmare… He turned to face me, beaming a warm comforting smile. I reached over and held his hand. It wa…

The Titian Fae

I too followed along / Dancing the delights of her hallowed song
Duality - High Contrast edit by DeeLishess Duality - Self Portrait of A Human Being by DeeLishess Love Is Everywhere by DeeLishess

How Does It Feel?

How does it feel… / To have everybody fawn over your oceanic eyes, / Your sparkling snowy smile, your luminescent skin, / And your confiden…

Courting The Muse

The house breathes with life / After the day is done / And dreaming spirits take to the air / Flirting with the last creative mind left awa…
Untitled possible t-shirt design by DeeLishess

Fibromyalgia of the Soul

What he said or she did / Never goes away / A scratched record skipping its play / Forgiven but never completely forgotten mistakes / Carry…

A Living Looking Glass

I can see into your soul / If you let me… / Because your body language betrays you / With a nervous laugh / A shifting gaze / An innocuous…

My Finest Muse

I mop my tears of ink with sheets of loose leaf, / attempting to staunch my bleeding psychology. / And the carnivore inside all of us licks…
Complexion de Creme by DeeLishess A Dragon In Its Natural Habitat by DeeLishess Masque  by DeeLishess

Little Miracles

“Three little words” / what they mean / And how they’re expressed… / Little miracles are / How he notices these are the last words / I al…


I am not a mind reader / Neither are you though / So let’s communicate then
Hypnotic Blaze by DeeLishess Rugg Pond - Kalkaska, Michigan by DeeLishess Tranquile by DeeLishess Recycled Childhood by DeeLishess Here, But So Far Away by DeeLishess Sunset Seduction by DeeLishess

Rain Dance

The tapping, wet rhythm / Of Nature’s first music / Each crystal drop is a dancer / Performing soft shoe on the / awnings
Graveyard of the Fallen  by DeeLishess Psiren by DeeLishess

Virtue’s Casualty

Stepping over the line means no return; / Relationships bring with them inevitable maturity / As well as sensations that can’t be unlea…

Pawn Shop

“So many that don’t have the damage, the baggage, the miles, / The wear and tear. / So many that are in better condition; / And you’re in…

Why Rainy Days Aren’t So Bad

It was a dreary Saturday afternoon. Zeke sat by the window and sighed heavily. He was sad. He’d already done his homework, but he still cou…
Suburbia Askew by DeeLishess Fire Fox by DeeLishess I Am? by DeeLishess What so many of us are afraid to say.... by DeeLishess Dragon Mountain by DeeLishess MusiGirl by DeeLishess Pulp-Piction by DeeLishess Katie Holmes - Seventeen Magazine Portrait by DeeLishess Always In My Heart by DeeLishess A Horse In The Clearing by DeeLishess Vogue by DeeLishess Mixed Message by DeeLishess From A Hotel Window by DeeLishess Foreboding by DeeLishess Fence by DeeLishess Detroit Rooftops by DeeLishess Dark Sky by DeeLishess Dandy-Lion by DeeLishess City-scape by DeeLishess Black Boughs by DeeLishess Icicle by DeeLishess Apart From The Crowd by DeeLishess

i don’t belong

they come with side effects / lots of them / dizziness, nausea, weight gain, excessive thirst / and social stigma / so it has to be me / b…


Love fills the soul Love fills the soul / Leaving a hungry heart full / with poison and you’re feeling dead

Prettier Than Me

I war against the mirror / My reflection staring back in fear… / They’re all so pretty, / Prettier than me

Invisible Wall

I saw him pacing nervously in front of the / window at McDonald’s, all of his belongings / in a tattered rolling suitcase and plastic bags…

Fuzzy Slavery

especially when you do what they want, / when you live for their approval / and you do / because it’s all you know


You don’t need to know about my life, / or my personal habits, / or even my name

First Kiss

You looked at me, / Your eyes full of brilliant, gleaming stars; / Burning hot and bright, / Melting flames Old and New, / Melting me too…

Love Song to the Person with HIV/AIDS

Apathy / Injustice / Discrimination / Stereotypes


A woman popular among men / It’s so easy to call her a whore / All you see is her skimpy clothes / You don’t stop to think ther…


I am an American / Which means that I am fat / and lazy / I am a blonde / Which means I must be / stupid

Speaking Out

Watch with apathy what’s on the air, / Think what’s popular not right or fair / Politically correct has people scared


Discovering unspoken joy / In the falling of leaves / The sound, the smell, the feel of rain on my skin / The tranquility that night-air br…
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