B&W Abstracts

Hi Guys :)
This is a collection of b&w abstracts I put together for an associate who was after this kind of thing. Hope you enjoy – they are kinda broad-ranging, but of similar feel.


What have I been doing?

As many may have noticed, I have not been very active on RB of late.
This is due to a very large workload which involves shooting, as well as image preparation. I have very little time to spare, and 99% of my work is copyrighted to clients – so I am unable to display it publicly.

However – should anyone be particularly interested in what I’ve been doing photographically, request a link either here or by mail. That way I can display the work while keeping to contract :)

Sugarloaf Reservoir

Yesterday, Caroline Gorka and myself went for a little shooting trip to Sugarloaf Reservoir. It has been months since I’ve been shooting ‘for myself’, with workloads steadily increasing, and I was looking forward to a nice relaxing time. It is a 45min drive from CBD, roughly, and we stopped by Kangaroo Grounds Cemetery along the way. A nice country cemetery, and I love these places. Cemeteries, for me, represent quiet and solitude, and peace.…

We arrived at SR at about 12.00-ish, and walked down to the water’s edge, where we met a fisherman. Had a chat – nice guy. All by himself, and he was successfully catching fish, although while we were there, he lost something big – at least he told us that :)

I had forgotten my tripod at home (we took Caroline’s car, and mine lives in my boot). Thi

Antipodes Festival

I’ve been very busy working, and so have not uploaded any photos for a long time. I feel a little guilty, so here is batch of photos of the Antipodes Festival in Melbourne. I was booked to shoot the festival, and had a great time doing it.

Lots of photos – feel free to skim through them…




There has been an in-depth discussion in the forums, where, amongst other things, I’ve discovered that some people do not feel confident or comfortable discussing/debating/suggesting things. They feel they get dominated or bullied, that people are too agressive, and that basically – they’d rather stay away.…

This is a shame, and has got me thinking.

We are an artist community. And artists are known especially for two things (aside from being creative :) )
They are sensitive – perhaps, more than average.
They are passionate likely to express themselves.

Put these two together, and it’s no wonder that we sometimes have mis-communications and misinterpretations in the written forums.
Sure, there are bullies everywhere in life, including online. But I think that is an aberration, rather than a

Photography Courses

Hi folks -
We have just launched a Creative Arts School in Melbourne, called The Arthouse Project

You may recognise Jessica Tremp , and Brett Foster as part of the project.
I will be holding a few photography courses myself, and we currently have four other teachers of various disciplines, to kick things off. We will be adding other creative arts courses throughout the year, including painting/sketching, sculpture, music and languages. Prices are comparatively reasonable – and our main goal is for our students to leave actually learning something.

If you are interested in any of these, please visit the site.

It is not quite polished yet, but it will do for now. Also – if you have any suggestions, or note any problems in the site – feel free to mail me.


Lunar Festival, Melbourne

A fun day, and I was back to my favourite genre – though, there’s candids, street, architecture, abstracts and PJ here :)


Also – some police action.
The guy caused a huge stir – cops running everywhere, around 6 cars – all for a just-purchased, machete in it’s wrapping :)


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