A Stunning Poem, by Me

(please, I put a lot of work into this – so be considerate)

Baa Baaa Black Sheep
Have you any wool?
Yes Sir! Yes Sir!
Three Bags Full!

One for my Master
One for my Dame
And the other you can have
For fifty bucks

No Way! No Way!
Will I ever Pay!
I demand my cut
Of wool today!

Baaa Baaa
stuff you Jack
Don’t ya know this
Came off my back?

So it did,
I see you have more
Come over here
Wool, I adore!

Baaa! Baaaaaa! fuck off, man!
Put those bloody shears away!
I’ll kick you in the nuts
And trounce you in the hay!

What, you?
A stupid little sheep?
What could you,
do to me?

I am big, I am strong
and vewy vewy wild!
You are but a a little sheep
Hardly larger then a child!

I may not be big
I may not be tall
But I can kick you
in the balls!

Come here you little shit!

(sheep runs away)

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