An interview with..... me

Snappydave posted a journal wanting replies to his interview questions. I thought it might be a good idea to post my own answers here too – just to give you a little insight!

1. What is the model and make of your most used camera and what is the preferred lens type (if an slr)?
In my folio? Canon EOS 350D with Canon 18-55mm but recent usage Canon EOS 450D with 55-250mm IS

2. If you were to invest in a new camera, what would be the camera of choice and why?
Just did a few months back – Canon EOS 450D with 2 IS lenses. but if I had the cash to splash it would be the 5D ;)

3. Do you like manipulating your photos on digital remastering software(s) … If so please give details of same and the reason why this is preferred?
Yep – Photoshop CS2 preferred coz I don’t have the money for CS3 yet! hehe

4. What type(s) of photography do you most enjoy and why (sc work, macro, b&w, portraits, etc)?
I take mostly landscapes, but haven’t tried enough different “types” to comment on my favourite subject. Next project should be portraits!

5. Who and what has influenced your work to date?
I draw my influences from the things I see around me every day. I’m instantly inspired as soon as i look through the viewfinder.

6. Have you had inspiration from other RB users? If so please list them here and the piece(s) that have inspired you most and why?
Yes, but I’m not going to single just a few out.

7. Give six good reasons why you enjoy RB?
1. community – the chance to converse with like minded individuals
2. inspiration – inspiring artworks are just the click of a button away
3. aspiration – to become as talented as many of the individuals here
4. worldwide – who needs to hop on a plain to make international friendships work?!
5. opportunity – to market yourself and your artwork internationally
6. just plain fun! – need i say more?

8. Who is your favourite RB person … now dont say “ah actually there are many” … we probably know that … just your fave … and dont be affraid to mention him/her?
myself…. collapses into a fit of laughter
no, seriously, i’m not going to single out just one.
If you wouldn’t mind taking a looksie at these two though, I’ve spent enough time talking to them over the past months to call them my friends.
Adriana Glackin
Dana DiPasquale

9. If there was a country/region of preference (fave RB users) where would it be and why?
Where I would like my fave users to be from, or where i would like to be myself?
My fave users are literally from all over the place. Although if Icould be one place in the world right now it would be Sydney, Australia.

10. How many hours per week would you spend on RB?
I’d prefer not to count!

11. Have you sold much work on RB … how many pieces to date?
A fair bit. No idea exactly how many, but a few more wouldn’t hurt…. visit my portfolio and get shopping please! (shameless I know!)

12. How long have you been using RB (membership)?
Joined Sept 07 but only started actively uploading etc when I got my new laptop at Christmas. So Boxing Day 07.

13. How many times has your work been favourited during this period?
I have no baldy notion. Plain and simple. Enough to make me feel I must be doing something right, but not enough to make me think I’ve nothing to work towards.

14. What was your most memorable RB moment?
Making the featured page pretty early on in my membership. Was well chuffed at that one!

15. Has anyone ever offended you or been rude to you on RB? … discuss if you like!!!
Yes. Those of you who know me will know who, why and when :) Those who don’t will get an idea if you read my “Vision, Opinion and Oppression” journal.

16. How many viewings of you art have you had to date? … if you dont know go find out and come back !!!
I have had more than my counter tells me, because I regularly rotate my images, and when making an image “private” after it’s been viewed, those views are deducted. I’m not one for notching up the milestones – I’m here to showcase what could be my “best” artworks to date, and so the rotation of images thing is important to me, meaning keeping an accurate count of views is impossible.

17. Name ONE piece of art that … in your opinion … is the best for you from your own gallery ?
It’s been popular since I first uploaded it, and went down particularly well in my college interview portfolio.

18. Name ONE piece of art that … in your opinion … is best for you from someone elses gallery?
Again, I’m not willing to pick just one, coz I like so many images! Check out my favourites to see just a few!

19. Have you bought any art from other users on RB … if so list them and type (card, poster, laminated print, etc)?
Yep, see relevant journals (if they are still up!!)

20. Now my username is SNAPPYDAVE and if you havn’t already placed me in your favourites … then do it now or else ;-) !!! Thanks for participating xxx
oops last question …

Shameless Dave, Shameless!

21. If Redbubble could be improved in some way, what … in your opinion … would you like to see added or removed from this site … a nice list of improvements with reason(s) would be good ?
1. drag and drop function for portfolio orgnanisation – because it just makes sense (it’s on the rb roadmap)
aside from that, it’s lots of niggly things that I’m not gonna bother to type up coz I know they are being dealt with!

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