Our reality is a picture painted by our five senses. But is it always accurate? We rarely ask ourselves if this picture of reality is correct. Why is it that two people seeing the same thing will often describe it differently? It is because each of us only know our own interpretation based on information taken in by our five senses, and filtered through the mind…the ego. We actually live within a much more massive reality than our senses tell us.

If we consider how just one of the senses work, for instance, our sight, we find that light does not actually enter our brain. Light enters our eyeball, strikes the retina, the retina transfers the information about the qualities of the light along the optic nerve to our brain, where the data is then interpreted. This information is very limited. Why?

The retina is only sensitive to a small spectrum of what is called “radiation” or light. The visual spectrum is a very small part of the bigger reality surrounding us. Our eyes do not see the x-rays, ultra violet, infrared or microwave radiation which make up the full spectrum of light waves. If they could our perception of reality would be much different. There is a much wider range of information within reality than we can perceive with just our senses. We know it is there because we have invented instruments to “perceive” it for us.

Let’s backtrack to what we do actually perceive with our five senses. We know our brain interprets the data it receives from our eyes, ears, skin, tongue and nose. This data is often interpreted differently by each of us. Color blindness is just one example of the differences in interpretation. Furthermore, the brain of each person filters the data through what is called the EGO. The perception of each person’s reality depends on the properties of the ego. There is one overall characteristic of the ego, it is the will to receive.

The will to receive is the drive for pleasure. Even if I have learned to give, I give in order to gain pleasure. Gaining emotional pleasure from giving, is still seen as receiving because we receive satisfaction from giving.

The limitations of our senses do not give us the full picture of reality, and the picture we do “see” is distorted by our ego, our emotions. Our emotions are driven by the will to receive.

We see that our senses and our egos keep us from accurately perceiving what is the reality outside ourselves. Our subjective (existing within the mind) perception of the world tells us nothing about what is going on outside of ourselves. Is there a reality outside ourselves?

Newton told us that there is an objective reality, that the world is as we “see” it and would exist even if we did not sense it.

Later, Einstein theorized that the perception of reality depends on the relationship between the velocity of the observer and the velocity of the observed. By changing our “speed” relative to an object we observe it differently: space and time become warped, compressed, expanded.

Then there is the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle; reciprocity between the world and the observed. Reality is a result of my influences on the world and its influence on me.

We see that there are many realities possible. So what is the higher reality just outside the grasp of our five senses?

If we are governed by the will to receive…our desire for pleasure and avoidance of pain, how do we attain to a higher reality that is not governed by our will to receive…. our desires?

To perceive the higher reality that exists outside our egos we must begin with INTENTION.

We begin life as selfish beings. Intent on having our desires met. Babies cry for food, comfort and love. Their desire for these things is right and good. As we begin to learn that there are other beings out there who want and desire these things, we learn to compromise with them to get our needs met. We spend our childhood seeking pleasure in toys and games, and learning to cooperate with others so as to achieve maximum benefit.

Then as we begin to feel the pull of adulthood. We learn that to achieve pleasure we must act responsibly and within the limits of society. We live to get, to achieve and even when we give, it is to receive the benefits society puts on givers. When we have achieved the maximum benefits, perhaps in the getting of health, wealth and acceptance…we begin to feel that pull toward something more.

Everyone has felt it at one time or another…we ask ourselves…is this all there is to life? What am I here for? It is then that we sense there is a higher reality, something outside our self. Some come to this at a young age, some try to ignore it all their lives. Some set out to find the answers. It is the pull of our spiritual self.

INTENTION is the beginning of seeking spirituality, the higher reality. Intention is the “transfer device” we need to “sense” this higher reality. Just as our five senses tell us something about the physical world, intention is necessary to gaining information about the higher reality.

Sensing the spiritual is foreign to our will to receive. It is foreign to our egos. It is opposite what we have observed all our lives. It is the will to bestow. The will to bestow is not natural to our human minds. It is of our spirits.

Just as children feel the tug into adulthood, our egos will feel the pull into spiritual adulthood. Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find…must become our INTENTION. The higher reality of the spiritual world around us must become our goal.



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The path to finding the higher reality of our spiritual selves.

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