A Story for Giants

Long ago, in the days when all was brand new, happy little people filled the world!
There were the beautiful, graceful Elves who built their homes in the branches of the tall ash trees.
They tended the grapevines and fruit and nut trees, they made merry music with flutes and fiddles.
Many of the little people asked the Elves to play their music and sing their songs.

There were the strong, stout Dwarfs who made their homes in the mountain caves and mined the metals and gemstones from deep within the earth.
The Dwarfs made shiny cups and bowels, shovels and axes, knives and spoons, tools for all to use.
They were most proud of the fine jewelry they made using the colorful gemstones.

There were the mischievous, hardworking Brownies who lived in the thickets, meadows and hillsides.
They cared for flocks of ducks and geese and cared for herds of sheep.
They spun the wool of the sheep and goats into clothing and blankets for all.
The Brownies also grew gardens full of melons, squash, beans and corn.
They tended fields of oats and barley, but they were best known for the delicious honey drink they brewed.

There were the little Fairies who knew the magic of the woodland plants, herbs and trees.

There were tiny Pixies who knew the magic of the animals, birds and bugs.

There were wee little Sprites who knew the magic of the streams, rivers, lakes and springs.

Then there were the Ancient Wizards who taught all the others the wisdom of the earth. The Wizards understood fairness and order as well and taught all who wanted to learn.

Once a year in autumn, everyone would meet for trading and feasting.
The Elves brought the fruit of the trees, nuts and berries and herbs from the forest.
They played music for all to dance and sing along.

The Dwarfs brought the tools, utensils and jewelry they had made, to share.

The Brownies especially loved the shiny gemstones the Dwarfs had used to make the jewelry.

The Brownies brought the vegetables, fruit and grains they had grown.
They brought duck and goose eggs, woolen clothing and blankets, but most especially favored by the others was the honey drink they brought to share.

The Wizards held lessons and contests for those attending the feast.
They taught the crafts and skills they knew and judged what was fair when there were disagreements.

All the little people ate, danced, and enjoyed the company of each other.
Everyone traded for what each needed and desired.
All was well with the world.
Everyone was happy and content.
It was a pleasant world filled with beauty and knowledge and plenty.

Then one year there came reports of giants in the land.!

The Fairies told of trees found cut down!
The Pixies told of animals hiding in fear!
The Sprites told of rivers and streams filled with garbage!
The Dwarfs reported their stores of gems and precious metals were being stolen!
The Brownies cried that their gardens and fields had been poisoned and would not grow the grains and fruits everyone loved!
The Elves told of noisy towns built where sacred forests once stood!
The Wizards called for calm but fear filled the little people’s hearts. Food was getting scarce!
Clean water was hard to find!
Their world had become very unpleasant!

Therefore, it happened; that each took their families and hid.
The Elves hid in the darkest, deepest forests.
The Dwarfs hid in the deepest, darkest caves.
The Brownies disappeared into the hillsides.
Not one of them ventured out into the wide world without first making themselves invisible.
The Fairies, Pixies, and Sprites used their magic to stay hidden inside the trees, or made their shapes like those of the animals, like the fish and birds within the forests and lakes.
The mighty Wizards even took flight on the wind and hid amongst the clouds.

It took only a short time for the giants to overtake the whole world that once belonged only to the little people.
They tore up the ground, used up most of the trees, polluted almost all of the water!
They hunted the animals until all hid in fear from them!
More cities full of giants were built; roads were made; tall buildings blocked out the sunshine!
They grabbed up all the gold, silver and gemstones for themselves and grew rich with power trading them for useless things.
They burned the blood of the earth, filling the air with noxious fumes that burned the eyes of all.
They used the metals that were once only used for tools and made weapons.
They fought amongst themselves, bringing even more fear into the world.
Years and years of this went by, until the earth was almost ruined!

Then finally, the Wizards proposed a plan.
Instead of staying hidden they should summon every ounce of courage they possessed!
They would observe carefully, which of the young giants were most thoughtful; they would find giants who perhaps might listen and learn from them.
It was time for something to be done, and fast, or all would be lost!

“Perhaps they will listen and learn a better way from us.”
“Perhaps we can convince the younger, more thoughtful ones,” the wizards said.
The other little people agreed.
It was time to be courageous!

It came to pass that in the hills, forests, meadows and mountains, and beside the streams, rivers, lakes, and springs, a young giant might sometimes feel the presence of a wee little person.
Or perhaps, they would hear a tale told by the Wizards, spoken softly on a breeze, or in see it painted on the sky.

Soon, many of the more thoughtful giants were saddened by what had been done to the world.
They looked around at the mess that had been made, they decided to put things right again!
They began by cleaning up the rivers and streams.
They made laws to keep the other giants from putting more garbage into the water and the air that they all needed to live.
They took only what they needed from the forests, and encouraged the others to find new materials to build their homes and cities. Then they asked for help in planting trees to replace what had been lost.

They learned to honor the animals that helped them survive and learned the magic of the plants and herbs for healing.
Soon many more giants wanted to learn the new ways.
It would take a long time to teach them all there was to learn.
But they had made a good start.
If all would work together, what a difference it would make!

The Wizards were hopeful that the giants could learn to cooperate with each other instead of fighting all the time.
Some of the giants even learned to make magic and music like the little people and used it to teach the other giants.
The giants began to listen to the voices of the river Sprite; they heard the voices of the Pixies in each animal’s call or bird’s song. The giants began to see the faces of the Fairies in every beautiful flower and tree.
They opened their ears to the wisdom of the Wizards, found in the whoosh of the wind, the roar of the waterfall and the quiet of the falling snow.
Then the Elves returned to the newly planted forests, and the Brownies mischievously played in the valleys and hillsides.
Once again, they allowed themselves to be seen.
The Dwarfs began fashioning tools once again from the discarded weapons.

Even with all the cooperation between the little people and the giants, some giants still tried to destroy instead of protect the beauty of the world.
The Wizards knew that it would take much patience.
All the little people agreed, they would share what they knew with the giants.
They would work together to help the giants understand how important it is to take care of their world!

So, if you are ever out in the woods, or sitting beside a stream;
Listen for their voices.
Look for their faces.
The little people are there waiting patiently for you to listen.
Look carefully under the rocks, or up in a tree.
Sit next to a babbling brook and quietly observe, perhaps you will see one riding on a dragonfly or sitting on the back of a bullfrog.
Their voices are calling you to protect and preserve what the earth has so generously given.
Their voices are asking you to be thankful and honor all living things.
They would share the magic of the earth with you.
They would teach you to honor and respect the earth.
Listen and learn from them.
Let’s make the world a beautiful place to live again!

A Story for Giants


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A Story for Giants…told from the perspective of the little people who protect and honor the earth….is a tale of how everyone can work together to make the world a pleasant place to live instead of tearing and using things up.
Written for children, it is a thoughtful tale for adults to ponder as well.

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