Moving to Kansas

I am in the process of moving from my beautiful Utah home to Kansas. I have accepted a promotion which has prompted my move from one side of Colorado to the other. It is a great opportunity and a new adventure!
I hope I don’t get too confused as to which direction is East and West as I have always been able to use the view of the mountains as my directional point. In Colorado they are West, in Utah they are East. And that alone confused me when I first came to Utah. Now it will be “wide open spaces, room to make a big mistake.” Does that give you a clue that I am a bit nervous about the move?
I just wanted to let all my RB friends know I will be taking a hiatus from my art here and from my comments on your works also.
This has become such a joy for me that I am having a hard time trying to wrap my head around not pulling up RB at least every other day with my morning coffee to view your art, and comment; to upload mine and to see all of your comments.
This is probably one of my most stressful moves I have ever made, it has happened very quickly and I have had very little time to prepare.
To my dear friend Ger, just to let you know I will now be closer to you in distance and maybe I will get a chance to travel north for a visit.
To Lori, I will still be just a state away and wish that I had time to see you as I am passing through Colorado. Some day I hope!
To my dear Utah friends, wow there are so many places I still wanted to see here in Utah and did not get the chance. So I thank all of you for sharing your photos here on RB as this gave me the opportunity to see Utah through your eyes. I will miss being a part of the “Welcome to Utah” group. Jess thank you for my features and for being such wonderful host! To Jan, you keep up the fight! I love your photos! To Gene, thanks for all your horses, wished I would have made it out to Dugway. To Mark, thanks for all of your Jackson Hole WY photos. So close and yet so far, time has been my enemy here. I love all of your works and will continue to follow all of you. I will remove myself from the group once my move is complete.
I will not have my computer for a few days and hope that it will be a very short time before I am up and running again.

Hugs to all!

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