National Shame.

I have been reminded recently that many people in Australia are ashamed of being patriots. They don’t understand that you can be against the conflict yet still have compassion for and be proud of those who serve our country. They are sent to where ever the powers that be send them. Including indonesia when the Tsunami struck a few years ago. We can and should be proud of the job our military does, even if we don’t agree with the politics that puts them in some situations. We should remember that a soldier is human and has his / her own opions about what they are asked to do. It should be considered that many who are and have fought for our country do not always agree that they should be there. There is a strong tradition of service in Australia and those who answer the call to serve should be comended, whether they serve in the Millitary or the emergency services.
Why do some of us find it so hard to say, Australia is a great country, I’m proud to be Australian.

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