WOW, This has been a really exciting week for me, and I’m over the moon about my features and top 10 placements and wins.

  1. Watching me Closely was featured in ‘Top Shelf Wildlife and Nature Art’.
  2. Mama Africa was featured in ‘African Art at Heart’.
  3. Bearded Iris was featured and WON Top 10 in ‘Painted Nature’ – Vernal Equinox challenge.
  4. Best view Point was a top 10 favourite in ‘Painters in Modern Times’ – Watercolour challenge.
    I have now just seen that this also won Top 10 in African Art at HeArt – Wild Feline challenge. A huge thank you for this honour and to those who voted for this painting.Well done also to the others who were placed in this challenge. I’m very attached to this one but sadly the original hangs on someone else’s wall but encouraged to see that it is favoured here on RedBubble too.

I am happy to be amongst inspiring, encouraging, supportive, thoughtful and happy friends.

Huge big Hugs and Thank you all!

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