Collide (Short Story)

A young couple asleep, with their legs thrown over one another.
The alarm clock pierces the silence, with blinking red numbers, 7:00 AM .the young blonde man with morning hair. He moans and slaps the snooze button. He rolls back over and throws his arm over his pregnant wife. “ No Jason, you’ll go back to sleep” Jason laughs “I know ,but I was having a great dream Amy” He kisses his wife rolls over and sets up on the side of the bed. He turns the alarm clock off, gets up and stretches.” Let’s take a shower baby”
Amy giggles “Yea, just the three of us, You, the baby, and my big ass, Not happening”
“Yea, point taken it is pretty big” Amy throws a pillow at Jason and hits him in the face.
Amy comes over to Jason raps her arms around his neck and kisses him.
She looks in his eyes “I Love you” Jason smiles back and pecks her lips “ I Love you too, especially your big ass” Amy smiles back “What do you want for breakfast “
“Just an egg and bacon sandwich” “Okay honey it’ll be waiting for you when you come down, now go take a shower” Amy kissed Jason again “ You stink”
Jason runs the shower water and then goes pick out his tie to match the his tan Hugo suit.
He opens the shower door and lets the water bead on his hand. He turns on his CD player, Credence clear water revival blares threw the Bose speakers. “ Speak to me Johnny. Jason undresses and jumps in the shower singing Susie Q.

Amy pacing the kitchen floor while talking on the phone “Well I can come over around 1pm after my doctors appointment with Dr. Peterson” she gets the eggs and bacon out off the fridge and puts them on the counter to be cooked “Okay girl I’ll talk to you later, alright bye “she hangs up the phone and turn the stove on, Amy takes the 4 eggs out of the carton, cracks them and puts in the bowl and beats the eggs with a fork.
A sharp pain shoots threw her stomach; she grabs her belly with her hand dropping the bowl full of eggs. With another shooting pain, Amy goes down too. “AHH my god” She grunts threw the pain trying to catch her breath, she try’s to call out ,but her screams are interrupted by another shocking pain. Tears race down her face, Amy craws over the cold tan tile to the counter finally able to scream “JASON….. JASON”

Jason in front of the mirror in his suit trying to brush his teeth and sing. He runs some water into a glass, and swishes the water around his mouth and spits into the sink he grabs his white face towel and whips off his mouth. He turns off CCR and walks out of the bathroom. To hear the horrible screams from down stairs. “JASON” sending chills down his spine. He races down stairs and see’s his wife laying on the floor
“ Oh my god Amy” Jason slides by her side and grabs her hand “ are you okay, honey what happened?” “Its- the baby, something’s-“ Amy moans threw another pain, “ Something’s wrong with the baby” Jason remaining calm on the exterior ,but scared to death on the in. He helps Amy to her feet and grabs the back of her head “Okay, listen baby, I am going to get you to the hospital, don’t worry baby just take deep breaths, and will be strong for our baby together… Okay “ he wipes the tears off her cheek and kisses her forehead. Amy stops crying “Okay”

Jason puts Amy in the back seat of their gray ford focus, and speeds out of their Spanish style house.

Cut to:

A 39 year old lady looking at her-self in the bathroom mirror, she grabs a hand full of zanax, tosses the pills into her mouth turns up a bottle up scotch and finishes off the fifth. “what’s wrong with you amber, get a hold of your-self” she say’s to her-self in the mirror. She turns the faucet on and lets the cold water run over her hands, she splashes her face, and stares into the water, tears stream down her wet face as she looks back at her self in the mirror, “ I cant do this… I can’t do this” Amber choking on her own tears replaying that thought of her husband David screwing his secretary.
She begins to puke in the sink, her house phone rings. Amber to depress to move little long talk to someone on the phone. The call goes to the answering machine, Amber and David’s voice ring through the house “ You reached Amber And David Sorry we can’t come to the phone right now but leave a message after the beep” a familiar voice speaks threw the phone, it was Lucy Ambers friend, “answer the phone, come talk to your friend Lucy, Ammberrr Pick up, I know your there and you can hear me “ Amber didn’t feel like talking to anyone, in fact she didn’t feel like talking at all, nor breathing or living.
Her life has been stripped from her, she had been robbed. She sits on the bathroom floor and puts her back to the door, “ Why me god, why… just kill me God I don’t want to live anymore… take me please” Amber sobs into her hands needing to hear the words its going to be alright, but hears nothing. Amber continues to cry, wanting this entire last week to be a dream. She looks in the bedroom where she had walked in on the having sex, like they use too when they where first married. “I’ll show him, he thinks he can just fuck her, and say screw me” Hate boils in Ambers and dry’s her tears off her face, the adrenaline rushing threw her veins like a deadly toxin, fueling her hate. She’s never felt this strong before, and she’s determined not to waste it. “I’ll make you pay for this you son of a bitch” she looks back at the bed and hears David’s calm voice “ I want a divorce, me and Linda are going to the Bahamas for a week and when we get back we’ll finalize the paper work” Amber lets out a screeching scream “ I’ll fucking kill you” She turns around to a David’s voice behind her “ I love you Amber” she swings her arms at the blurry figure behind her, but see nothing when she looks behind her except a dresser. She throws pushes the dresser over in rage, spilling its contents on the floor, knocking off pictures of her and David. Amber see the pictures and picks them up and throws them at the wall smashing it into oblivion, she goes to pick up another picks and see a 9mm pistol. She picks up the gun and shots the gun at her wedding picture she hasn’t thrown yet. Amber starts to laugh as the idea of shooting David in the head excites her “ You fucking pig” she screams as she shoots the picture again.
“I’ve got to get out of this house, I’ve got to go,” Amber rambling on incoherently, the phone rings as she starts to leave the house. Amber spins around and pops off a shot into the phone, blowing it off the night stand. She picks up her red purse and walks out of her destroyed mansion, she puts the gun in her purse and pulls out the keys to her BMW.
She stumbles out of the house as the pills and booze is taking its effect. She unlocks her car and looks into the rear view mirror, she puts on some red lip stick “ here’s to a new you “ she blows a kiss to her self and put the car in reverse.

“AHH something not right Jason” Amy trying to stay strong, but the pain is beginning to be too much. “no there’s not Amy, do you hear me no there’s not, our babies going to be okay do you hear me” Jason trying to get through morning traffic “ yes Jason, I love you”
“ just take deep breaths and count, we’ll be there in a little bit hun, I wont let anything happen to you and our baby” Amy lays back and try’s to control her breathing, praying to god.

Tears cascading down Ambers face, as she continues to hallucinate and hear David’s demeaning voice “you fat whore, eat by all means” Amber trying to get some kind of control yells “ Shut up David, shut the fuck up” The voice stops, the light turns red she slows the beamer to a stop, she pulls out a voice recorder from her purse that she’s use for work. She presses the record button “ Hello honey, you’ve always made my life a living hell, you never fucking loved me, you blamed me for everything, and hated me for not being able to bare kids, you took my life from me, my self worth is shit, and I will make you regret for the rest of your life, the 387,123.00 dollars we’ve been saving has been transferred into the abused woman foundation, don’t worry honey bunny I saved you money. $1.67 is still in there for you, cause I love you the much you worthless piece of shit” Car horns start honking behind Amber, people scream “c’mon damn it” Amber continues to talk “ You drove me to this, This is what happens to a human when you break them down to nothing” Amber takes her 9mm out of her purse cocks pack the pistol and puts it in her mouth “ Father please forgive me”

Jason blowing his horn at the staled BMW “ C’mon on Damn it” Jason screams out of the Focus “ go around baby, please” Jason listens take his car around on the emergence lane, he rolls the passenger window down, stop to and yells” What the fuck wha—
Jason shocked to the core to see a older woman with a gun in her mouth.

Amber looks to the left and see’s David yelling at her, she takes the gun from her mouth and pulls the trigger, the hollow tipped bullet flows from the barrel of the gun pierces the glass rushes through Jason’s head leaving his body lifeless at the wheel of his car. Blood splatters on the face of Amy. Jason’s foot slips off the break, the focus rolls out into on coming traffic, a city bus slams on his breaks and slides into the focus. An explosion of glass litters the air, the car slides with the bus to a complete stop.

Amber pulls the trigger blowing the back of her head off, blood splatters on the glass and the leather seats.

Camera zoom from Ambers twitching eyes down to the bloody hand holding the recorder

Fade to black with Big lettering read Collide

Collide (Short Story)

David Gilpin

Nicholasville, KY, United States

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