In one part of the world
a woman gets her nails done
another takes a cruise by ship
and enjoys a week of blissful fun

In another part of the world
upon the same earth
a hungry child reaches
but the bird caught it first

On one part of this globe
a man closes a business deal
on another part of the globe
a poor man is forced to steal

they are both performing
criminal acts
one on both his greedy feet
the other on his broken back

In one hour
Ivy League graduates are distinguished
in that same hour
a generation has been extinguished

tomorrow some teens
will go buy jeans
tomorrow some addicts
will start to feign

job interviews taking place
in the morning
funeral plans taking place
for the mourning

a woman somewhere
will buy over priced jewelry
a woman in the middle east
will experience sadistic cruelty

a guy gets promoted
and buys drinks all around
another gets fired
and jumps to the ground

money being hoarded,
embezzeled and extorted
babies born sick
babies being aborted

plans for another mansion
to be built upon a large peice of land
homeless people at welfare
denied a helping hand

a rich chick gets her hair done
so her fiance will romance her
a sick chick is handed a wig
she’s bald from terminal cancer

a parent prays on their knees
for the good lord to provide
while crooked insurance companies
take the devil’s side

rich men spend their monies
at top notch casinos
while poor men get paid pennies
repairing el caminos………………………..(did I even spell dat ryte???)

no money for the schools
trump talks like a fool
no funding for the programs
no forty acres and mule

africans dying for lack of food
americans dying from TOO MUCH food

in california, a shower has 8 different heads
in sri-lanka, people wash in dirty water
in london, a queen trains her grandson
in new york city, a father prostitutes his daughter

cabinets remaining empty
for days at a time
men, women, and youngsters
beg the lunch crowd for dimes

fair skins raised
in gated communities
dark skins raised
in hated communities

tall sky scrappers
costing millions of dollars
can’t hear the cries
of barren humans who hollar

high priced colleges
producing high priced atitudes
community make-shift colleges
trying to teach gratitude

I find the powers that be
to be more resisting
complete abominations
sinfully co-existing

here on the earth
this sadistic ball of dirt
one side doesn’t care
that the other side


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