My First Art Show!

I have been so incredibly busy lately. Between work, school, and theater I have to go nonstop to make sure all my bases are covered, and I’m going to be throwing tennis in the mix too soon enough. That said I haven’t had a shred of time to work on my photography or take any new pictures, but I am trying to work it in somehow. What’s great is that a wonderful photographic event has wedged itself into my schedule and I could not be more thrilled…

This Friday I’m going to have a reception at a local hair salon that is displaying my photographs in the first installment of its series of local artists. My family and I have known the owner for years and watched him develop his own vibrant salon. This is my first solo show and the work will be in a very public place frequented by many different people, and while I’m nervous of having all the attention on me, I am so excited to have my work out there for all to see. My teachers, parents, and friends have supported me throughout all of my efforts and helped so much, and I am so grateful for this opportunity at such a young age! :D

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