Road Blocks, Love, and New Chapters

Okay so it’s honestly been a while since i wrote much of anything…. Truth is, i’m having a dry spells (yes, plural), just as all writers do when they get either one of two things: satisfactorily content with life, or slightly busier than normal, both of which have laid their delicate little fingers over the output receptors of creative side.
I don’t have anything sad to express okay people?!
Also, medication is both a blessing as well a bloody and vile curse.
I got a dog.
And most importantly a fiancee!

I wish to write more and more and more.
I want to start a book. Obviously you wont be seeing much that on here if i do. But all the idea i seem churn out i feel are only half good enough to become anything.
Or my brain doesn’t know
Either way, im stuck in the worst writers rut i have ever been in.

Somebody RESCUE me!
Before i try and rescue myself!
Blah. WritersGetYourBrainExcersizesON

I shall come up with
s o m e th i n g

-Jamie Leigh.

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