I'm having too much fun!

I never knew I would get into creating so much stuff and having so much fun at it! I’m constantly learning something, but so much yet to learn. I like to start with an image, such as an apophysis or a sphere or whatever, and duplicate the layer and run a polarization or fractal trace, duplicate again and flip, and repeat the process until I see something I can make some sense out of to use in an artwork. Thank you all for putting up with some of my goofy stuff, and appreciating the ones with some merit. They can’t all be gems, but I enjoy creating them all! I also enjoy a good laugh on occasion. I haven’t been commenting enough lately due to my daily routine and spending so much time creating, or trying to create digital artwork that is worthy of publishing. A few not so worthys slip through, but what they lack in quality art I hope they make up for in humor. (I keep wanting to put a “u” in humor, I wonder why? lol)
Just felt like yapping and sharing that!

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