Arranging Your Portfolio

“Kathleen Struckle”: asked in her journal the easiest way to arrange your portfolio. I passed on to her by bubblemail some advice I had gotten from “Tammy Soulliere”:
“Robin Webster”:
suggested that I put my advice in a journal to help out other redbubblers out there. So I hope this helps many of you as it helped me. This will give you a list of your portfolios under your profile that will take people to a page of nothing but that subject.

1. In your “edit your profile” page go to “about you”
2. At the end of your writing make a space and type something like “My Portfolios”
3. Space again and use the sample below to set up your list. All you want to change is the subject-your username-and the tag. Also, space between your entries.
Sample: ”subject”:

next entry

4. Make sure that tag is used on every piece of art that relates to that subject.

This is my list for example.

My Portfolios

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