"Moonbase" turns into a series.

This is the 1st in what turned out to be a series of 5. I didn’t know it would be a series when I did this one, but one thing leads to another. Then, the 4th one came to me when I saw snoopy in an apophysis, which turned the series around. I hope you like it, or are at least amused.

A Gigantic planet-like object has been traveling from a nearby solar system
headed for the earths orbit around the sun. This giant is in constant
communication with a moonbase that has been monitoring and interacting
with earths affairs for over 2000 years. “They” have been largely responsible for
disinformation about ufo’s and alien encounters. “They” also control the media
and influence governments and religions worldwide. When the attack and
takeover occurs we won’t even see it coming!
They are now in orbit and mustering their warships for the final takeover!

It won’t be long now…….

The first blow to anesthetize our defenses. It looks like there may be some collateral damage to the moon base, however. Maybe we’ll have a chance.?

The invaders bring in the big guns!

This is where it got crazy when I spotted what looked like Snoopy in an Apophysis, that turned my mind in another direction.

Under cover of apophysis fractals, a patriotic beagle in a sopwith camel confronts the invading force. Maybe we do have a chance!


I see a Sopwith Camel parked on the big gunship, and it’s shooting holes in it’s own mother planet! The saucers have exploded and are disintegrating! The patriotic beagle has commandeered the gunship and has saved our planet!

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