Visitor Not Accepted Into Sci Fi Group. Why?

I don’t get it! How does this not fit the guidelines and content requirements?
The guidelines copied and pasted below is basically “Images however created”.

Group submission not accepted
“Visitor” was not accepted into the Sci Fi – Multi Genre group about 11 hours ago. The reason was: “We think the work may be better suited to other groups. We’ll be happy to consider other works you submit to the group, provided they meet the guidelines and content requirements for inclusion.”

Here are the guidelines.

“Sci-Fi is a group for images, however created, and the written word. It is for those interested in all aspects of sci-fi and who value originality in concept, design and execution. It is a group which aims to develop the skills of its contributors, to allow for cross-pollination and for collaborations. There are some basic guidelines here”

a…….Artwork should be the original work of the artist and where stock photos or illustrations of others have been used, as part of the final image, permission should have been sought, granted and acknowledged in the text area next to the artwork submitted.
b……. Artwork will be removed if it doesn’t fit in with the the Sci Fi theme
c. ….. Artwork should be suitable for “All ages” viewing.
d……. Only submit your best work.
e…… Criticism should be positive and constructive.
f…… “Play nice” and have fun

“Sci-Fi is a group for images, however created, and the written word.”

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