Great work, BAD customer service.

Went into a certain well known Cairns photographer’s gallery today (not LIK) and was going to introduce myself and have a bit of a chat as I have been meaning to do it now for some time. As I headed to the desk to where he was sitting another gent spoke to him and without even looking up, threw off a couple of comments back to the gent and still did not even bother to look up. His trusty assistant then came to his side and he started talking to her and basically ignored the gent.
I am so glad a photographer can treat another person like that…I thought he would be trying to sell his work or even discuss it. My opinion is, if you are to busy to talk to the people that come into you gallery, go out the back and have someone talk to them.
I have a market stall (yes, I know, less stress and all that and I am eager to talk to people) but I make sure that I say hello to everyone that passes through my tent AND look at them while I do it. The world is lacking general customer service these days and it is sad to think that when it is the customer that make our business happen.

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