Frequently Asked Questions: Updated

Hello Minions!

We have been asked various questions about our business and merchandise. One in particular is the PayPal Checkout.

Here, Little Lottie wrote:

Q: When I check out, I don’t want to sign up for PayPal! Can’t I just pay with my Credit Card???

A: Yes, if page 2 seems a little confusing to you, have no fear! You do NOT have to sign up with PayPal to pay for your fashionable goods. After clicking on “Proceed To Checkout” , you will be directed to page 2 and see a PayPal Log-In Box on the right. If you want to pay with your Credit of Debit Card, on the bottom left there is a link that will say “Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available).” Then click on Continue.
IF your still confused, we have a diagram on the FAQ page.
CLICK HERE to view the rest of the FAQ Page

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