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  • Graphic T-shirt dresses feature your chosen design, by an independent artist
  • Sublimation printed 96% Polyester/ 4% Elastane front panel
  • Solid colour 100% Cotton back/ sleeves/ rib
  • Loose casual fit
  • Graphic T-Shirt dresses are made and printed in the USA
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eCommerce - E-commerce is born! white design
Designed by Denis Marsili
*"eCommerce is born" is my new conceptual artwork to represent our generation, the era we're living now. The Internet is shaping up the world, the way in which we humans interact with one another, and how we buy! We barely grasp the whole potential and meaning behind it, but I do believe we are very, very fortunate to have witnessed the beginning of this new era! This is the SECOND one of a series of conceptual artworks inspired on this topic, the Internet itself... so stay tuned if you don't want to miss out the upcoming concepts! I hope you enjoy it! !,eggplant,womens,ffffff.ecommerce-e-commerce-is-born-white-design-v3.jpg!: !,asphalt,vneck,ffffff.ecommerce-e-commerce-is-born-white-design-v3.jpg!: !,royal_blue,mens,ffffff.ecommerce-e-commerce-is-born-white-design-v3.jpg!: !,black,mens,ffffff.ecommerce-e-commerce-is-born-white-design-v3.jpg!: Black design: !,light_pink,womens,ffffff.ecommerce-e-commerce-is-born-v3.jpg!: !,grass_green,mens,ffffff.ecommerce-e-commerce-is-born-v3.jpg!: Here you can see the previous one: "At the beginning of the Internet"* !,light_pink,womens,!: !,black,mens,!: *Connect with "Denis AKA Ditch the Kitsch on Twitter":* *Top Selling T-shirts* !,135x135,baby_blue.v3.jpg!: *My Retro Gallery:* !,135x135,creme.v3.jpg!: *My Music Gallery:* !,135x135,red.v3.jpg!: *My Love Gallery:* !,135x135,075,t.jpg!: *My Nature Gallery:* !,135x135,075,t.jpg!: *Enjoy!* !!: "Find out more":
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Graphic T-Shirt Dress

eCommerce - E-commerce is born! white design by Denis Marsili