NUMBER most likely NOT alive!

SHIT! If you read my story “Just Call Me Penny” then maybe you remember that I was holding out hope for a great date with a gorgeous guy! Well…he WAS gorgeous, personable, talented – and severely allergic to CATS! We spent a whole hour and a half together before he had to leave (and probably drive himself to the emergency room for treatment). I really DID feel bad – but it WAS kind of cool to see his entire face puff up, and I honestly have never heard wheezing quite like that before.

SO…after Wheezy left I called up my young guy, and the next night we had a great time together! And tonight I might just meet my republican buddy for a beer and some political jousting.

I swear, nothing’s quite as comforting to this middle aged woman as having a “back up” guy available when I need one!

Well…number five didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped! But who knows – number six might be just around the corner!!!

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