Amazing Talent

Many years ago, I required the services of a babysitter for my 3 month old twin daughters. My (ex) husband suggested we call up HIS old babysitter as a last resort. I thought he was only joking, but was astonished when he hung up the phone and told me that his babysitter wasn’t babysitting anymore, but she did have a daughter who was 13 and had just completed a course in babysitting. As they only lived a few blocks away and mom would be checking in on her, I agreed.

The rest was history. She continued to watch the twins for me for the next seven years, taking them on wonderful outings and arranging sweet little picnics for them. The twins adored her. I thought of her as my younger sister. Her name is Brodie Dawson. When she was 18, her mom brought her to a local tavern where I was working as an assistant chef, bartender and waitress because her mom adored country music. I had informed Brodie and her mom that they were having an amateur jam night and Brodie wanted to give it a go! That night, when she got up on stage, she sang the most beautiful rendition of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” that I had ever heard. It drew goosebumps on my flesh. It was her first time singing on a stage. When she turned 19, Brodie and her boyfriend bought a van for 75 dollars and drove it to British Columbia, where it died upon their arrival. Brodie has had nothing but success since that day and with good reason. I am so very, very proud of her and if you’d care to get goosebumps, check out her music here
Brodie Dawson

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