in Silence before the sun

In silence on the shore of the now unfamiliar lake, / The ripples strive to reach us, stretching and pulling. / But we are too far away and…

Butterflies Float

She walked slowly down the narrow dirt lane, cupping in her hands the most beautiful butterfly she had ever seen.

Father and Son Reunion

It was 19 years since Jake had last seen his father.

Mary’s Amnesia

The lake in the middle of the woods was cold and silent ahead of Mary. She could not remember and didn’t know why she was there.

The Link

As Kate jogged down the well used but poorly lit trail, a sharp pain rose up from her ankle to her knee, reasoning with her to stop.

The Picture You Missed…

Have you ever had one of those moments? When you saw something absolutely INCREDIBLE!! …but you didn’t have your camera?

Just a Dream

To sail through the breeze / on a butterflies wings

The Good Read

Open eyes see only history / In a broken soul dream.

Meadow Dreams

Looking at the soft glow of the fading sunset, I’m warmed. / Breathing and feeling the desire of my mind’s eye, I stir.

The Maniac

“Stop screaming!” Carl said. “You’re giving me a headache!” / He cupped his hands over his ears and began to …

Mike: The Beginning of Fear

Mike drove the last 3 hours to Englehart in a daze and barely remembered the countryside he’d passed. The words “savior and ju…

Mike: Revelation

Just as he endeavored to dine upon the nectar of a very fleshy companion, Mike was removed from his fetish.

The Ravine

Pulling her jacket closer together against the cold damp air, Karen stumbled down the steep hillside of the ravine.

The 11:17 Express

Unfeeling the frosty January wind that ripped at her face, Jessica raced down the well worn steps that led to the train platform. / In her …

The Rat

When I finally left the bar (assisted) it was much too dark, foggy and raining and I was much too drunk to care whether I was being follow…

The Waves Breaking

Sometimes, I would go down to the beach and stare out, almost hypnotized, at the waves breaking the shoreline. / This was my hide-out from …

Memories of a Beach

I lay on the warm, sandy, umbrella polka-dotted beach / I wiggle into the sand and it contours my body / Like that spot was meant for me. /…

The Imaginary Lover

I sit, impatient, in my ivory tower, / And wait for my beloved paramour. / I realize that a ludicrous oversight / Eventuates from my realm …
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