My first interview

I got an interview for the Happy Haven Group!
I’m so happy….

I want to thank Deb aka TrEaSuReDiMaGeS for this honor….
Hugs to all, my friends

The interview with Daniela M. Casalla
March 28, 2008
Interviewed by: Deb aka TrEaSuReDiMaGeS
(Moderator/Host of the Happy Haven Group)

How long have you been an artist on the redbubble?
I’ve joined redbubble in January 2008.
I’m so happy here, I feel so at home.

What country are you from?
I’m from Argentina.

Tell us a little bit about yourself….
I’m a mother of two, and live with my husband and kids in Buenos Aires city, Argentina.
I come from an artistic background (of musicians and visual artists) since most of my family developed artistic careers. The strange thing is that I’m the first woman in the Casalla family who are trying to pursue a career in the arts. My major is Drama. I’m an actress. I graduated from the former National School of Drama in 1990, and from then on I’ve been trying to cope with my theater activities and my family duties. I’ve been in and out of stage many times along the years, meanwhile I’ve been working as drama teacher’s assistant at the Drama School. Having small children was challenging and when we bought our first PC and I discovered other ways to be creative something exploded inside…..a new creative way of exploration….that I could go into alone and at home, and in many ways nurtured my theater activities. Last year I wrote my first theater play with a friend, and most of the idea came from a series of image works I had done. It is so exciting, to see and develop ideas and concepts in different media.
Last year I went back to stage after many years of being inactive. It was so fun! And I’ll be opening a new play in a couple of months. Then, we will be starting rehearsals of our play…. Three plays in one year….WOW! I’m happy….

What type of artwork do you enjoy creating and why?
I enjoy creating Digital Art through Photoshop. I started two years ago, trying to enhance my photographs, since I did not have a good camera. Then I found a group of people who played with common pictures to create fantastic fantasy images, through a technique called Amazing Circles, and then I joined many other groups that worked in a collaborative way. Most of people there were so kind in sharing some tips, but mostly I learnt from watching. This was the starting point to me….to be able to experiment using filters, layers, collaging images to create something entirely new, but in some way present in the inspirational original image. It was fantastic to exchange opinions with the people lending the image to work with, and discover that even when my result seemed ages from their image I had been able to catch a certain feeling or mood that that person was going through while taking that particular pic. And this was not because I intentionally plunged for it….but because, images speak by themselves! At least to me! I usually don’t start with a concept, but the image starts leading me into unexpected paths….and this is so thrilling to me! Is always a self discovery journey…in many senses, artistically (I’m a self taught person, so every work widens my skills) and personally (because some works can be a bit creepy or dark or unfamiliar to me, and if I decide to search, I can find many ideas to work out feelings or emotions that needed to come to light to be faced). Creating is a way of self discovery…. and this is why I enjoy it so much.

What is your favorite work of art in your portfolio and why?
Oh, what a difficult question. Is almost as if you had asked which one of my kids I love most….I love them all! They are all so very different…. I guess I could pic one of each theme…. The inspirational ones, the illustration ones, the self portraits, the surreal ones…. hard…. Let’s see…I’ll try to concentrate…
I think “Dreamy”

“El Sacrificio”

Are two works I definitely like. I think they represent my two sides and at the same time have the atmospheric quality I love… the one that adds a touch of inner image, or feeling to most of my works. What I always pretend is to be intense. I love pouring as much soul as I can in my works, even in a plain landscape with less editing.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as an artist up to the
present date?

Starting selling my works has been the most thrilling experience!
I was always amazed at the people’s response to my images. Their writings have always enlighten my works, because many times they bring things to light that I had not discovered by myself, lost in trying to achieve an artistic final result. When somebody can relate to my work I feel as in Theater, communicated, I love this feedback experience! But when people started buying my work, I almost cried….to imagine people would have my works hanging in a wall in their places, so far from this lost country in the South….jajaja.
RedBubble has allowed me to live this experience and I’m so grateful….

What are your dreams, goals and aspirations as an artist?
I aspire to keep growing and never cease to explore…. and being able to share those visions along the path in a creative way. Paraphrasing Marcel Proust, keep trying to see with new eyes….

Do you have an inspirational message you would like to share with other

Oh. I usually add quotes or inspirational thoughts to my works. Usually they represent my thought or give me inspiration to search into new directions….
A friend of mine, Pat Mc Donald, said: “This idea of not finding the correct adjective to describe feelings, is, I think, why we invent art”
This is why I definitely keep going….

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