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All's well here... finally! 01 Nov 2011

Pain had us incapacitated, after all the other junk that happened. Finally I had to drag myself up and buy a new base for our adjustable bed… the other had not only gotten wollowed out (wallered out?), but it had suddenly and unexpectedly turned itself on abd lowered the knee lift on its own, and next day, lowered the head lift on its own. Only had it about 8 years, but it wasn’t strongly built in the first place.

So I went to a different brand (Serta) and for about the same price I got a far superior base. No wood where the rollers go, which was different, and instead of having the seat or bum section right almost at the head on the old one, this one had the sit-down/get-up part nearly in the center of the bed. This allowed my long back to fit on the bed without having my head hang off the top. It helped hubby for the same reason. And it shouldn’t fall apart until about 20 to 25 years: work and parts waranted for 25 years against defective work/parts. Couple this with the space foam mattress (always use a space foam topper with it) and maybe we won’t have to monkey with the bed for a long time.

Hubby lost 20 pounds this year and I lost 50. I have 75 to go; gained it all from a combination of low thyroid and that endometriosis I had for some 20 years. (I’ll answer questions about my case of it, but I’m not a doctor or a nurse. I’m just a thrilled, thinning conquorer of it!) But this new bed base holds up to 500 pounds combined weight, and we’re well under that. (Even with 9 cats joining us at bed time.)

What all this means is that I should be back in a day or so. Today I started catching up with family, , , Last year in April my birth daughter found me, and we almost got to meet this Fall. Getting a good, comfy relationship there! :)) And two of Hubby’s “Lost Kids” found him. So now we’re trying to plan for a big reunion with “losts and founds” and always theres.

I think I have 16 Bmails, and I inted to get to them tomorrow. Also have to make some study helps for our nephew, Freshman at the local college. (I’ll post them as I get them done.) He’s an outdoor guy, not one to sit in an English classroom and push a pencil around. But the first year of college is high school all over again. More about that in another post.

Okay, hugs to all, and all’s well here.
Dandy & Hubby

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