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Oh, My Achin' Back!

I got a steroid shot in my lumbar spine. My low back has kept me very limited for years now, and I finally found a specialist that wanted to address the pain. I’ve been told that the degenerative disc disease is “just what you get when you age” and that I have to “live with it,” because “everybody else does.” !!

Physicians in the US are mandated to treat pain as if it were a disease, to try to aleviate or palliate it. Hopefully, this will help this part of the whole pain thing. If this one doesn’t do the job, I can go back for two more, in two-week intervals. Although it’s not a life-or-death issue, it’s been a quality of life issue for 20 years and more.

Although I’m asking for your good wishes and prayers, the last time I asked to get rid of the back pain, I was told that my Heavenly Father still had things that could be learned and taught using that pain. I know that it’s not in my best interestst to always be happy and healthy- wonderful lessons are learned through hardship, and I won’t be fit celestial company if I don’t enlarge my spirit.

As then, 16 years ago, I’m still willing to accept the pain thing if it’s not His choice to lift it.

But, you know, when I got off the treatment table, I already felt amazingly better. So I’ll follow the doctor’s orders and take it easy for a day or two.

Hugs to you, my friends. Dayonda

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