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A Nasty Accusation without names. Just protect your work. About Copy Right 03 Dec 2009

An allegation that a/an RBer has “stolen” and then sold many RBers’ pics on Photobucket was recieved this morning in the cue of our group, . This note was recieved from if you want to see the original writing.

I don’t believe s/he’s been proven legally to have done this, so to avoid libelous accusations, I’m just saying this: On RB, go to your Account page, scroll to the bottom quarter and you’ll find choices of ways to protect your work from being copied off the Site.

Copyright laws are in flux right now. The Senate passed a bad one (for us artists and photogs) while we weren’t looking, hooked onto a bailout bill, I believe. But the House of Representatives haven’t yet voted on it. So I’m going to send you what I know about Copyright Law: Sign and date your artwork (including drawings in any, including electronic media, photos and written works) plus the® in the circle (capital 9 and cap 0) and you should have a pretty tight International Copyright.
For example, I sign my name, [and this is my true first name] and then the ® info as such:
3 Jan 2009
The copyright “hangs” in RB as long as you leave your work in RB.

Here is a Link to send your US Representative a note NOT to pass the bill. There are a long line of Illustrators’, Painters’, and Writers’ Associations who have come out strongly against it.

This new legislation has a good side: videos, artworks, writings and poems can’t be brought out of museum back rooms and basements, because they’ll never find a copyright holder. So they can’t even digitize the material. Given that, we could be forced to take out a CR on every doodle we put up in a public viewing area, like RB, at whatever price each. Back when I was a kid, it was 6$ US, but that was close to 40 yrs ago. Prices must have gone up. If we keep what’s on the books for small businesses and individual citizens, we can still do the “freebee”, as above.

Well, I hope this doesn’t bum you out. It does me- but do what you have to do to protect your art.
best- Dayonda

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