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Those Quilts or Montages you like are from this program:

Gee, I hope nobody’s disappointed in me to find out it’s not me piecing photos together by hand for these things. Einstein refused to memorize formulae because he said it was only necessary to know where to look it up… I knew how to look it up.

So here’s the Link: MontagePlus. If you have VISTA, you’ll end up paying something like 40 USD instead of the 9 USD they have it advertized for. Some pics make great Abstracts using this, and some don’t. Try ’em and toss the not-so-good ones.

So if you’re still upset, I’m ducking, but I refuse to run!

And if ever you have questions about the programs I use or the Art I make, please ask. I’m a teacher, died in the wool, like my mother before me. I’d rather you knew
and could “play Art” with me, not in spite of me. But— don’t even think about messing with my copyrighted stuff! Grrrr!

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