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Make a BOOK of your work! I got mine back today!

The 12-page 8×8 book I made of my Art at Shutterfly came out beautifully. I’m making a new one up, and one will go to my brother.

The sale’s still on till 24 Sep., so there’s still time. The book is free, but it came to about 13 USD to have it shipped a little bit fast, and, I think, handling. (No free lunch.)

If you were thinking of doing up one or two, now’s the time. You’ll be happy with the results, as long as you’re careful about the layout that you give them to print.

This would be a totally awesome, staggaring way to publicize or sell your Art, Poetry, Writing, not just pics and drawings.

Alternatively, there’s another you-to-print book option. You can buy the set for a child to make pictures and dictate or write a story in, or go online and do the same. I didn’t research this one down to the last dead rat, but look at it here and see what you think. (It’s called the ILLUSTORY KIT.)

So, enjoy, whatever you do or don’t do! -=Dayonda

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