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The Crow Babies take Baths

I’ve been watching a little family of crows. The other day the mom made the two youngsters (about equivalent to a human 12-yr-old; still clingy) take a bath (one at a time) in our birdbath. When ordered into the bath, each kept wiggling itself in the water and then looking at its mom who would then squawk at it— in particular, she worried about proper washing of wing-pits. She actually made each one
turn around and wash under the other wing, as well as squatting so deeply in the bird bath that water washed across its back.

The youngsters screamed all through the bath, so papa brought each one something delicious and popped it in the child’s mouth, which shut it up for a minute, giving Mom a chance to enjoy some peace.

Finally, mama got in and ducked her head— just washing her face, I guess.

It was screamingly funny and very tender. The next day the whole rookery took off southward, leaving me to wait till it warmed up to watch their exploits. Winters last forever here…

Almost as bad: If I’d moved to get my camera, they’d have spotted me. So another one got away.

Updated, corrected, copyrighted 23 Dec 2011. Happend back in 2006. DS

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