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Thank you to long-time friends and new ones for continuing to look at and comment on my art! Especial thanks to the buyer of my State Dept tee, the one that says: WHEN IN DANGER, WHEN IN DOUBT-RUN IN CIRCLES, SCREAM AND SHOUT! You put me over the line so that I actually can get paid now, so thanks again!

I’ve been out of it for a couple of years, had a couple of surgeries.
In the meantime, The Marine of my Heart has been taking great care of me.

New cats have made places in our hearts, never replacing our friends who have gone on, just making us richer in love for all creatures.

I have continued with photo art, but it’s all on this tablet, and I have to charge up my old computer and transfer the good stuff to her.

We have two grown daughters living next door, by the grace of my sis-in-law. One’s ours by heart, the other is one of Kelly’s beloved daughters, and, thank goodness, are in their 30’s and don’t need much from us but love… and my car… sigh …and gas to run it !! Which is great because they’ll run errands for us. They’re beautiful women and I couldn’t love them more if I’d carried and raised them myself.

I’ve missed you all so much!

Dandy… Dayonda

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