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The members of Remember when have received a group BM, from the Hosts, and asked us to pass this message on,,there is no need to reply, just prahaps check out the group,,
Thanks everyone :)

From Enivea and Barnsis

The group Remember When is a group primarily for written work but we do allow images if they have a story of more than one line that tells why you view the image as something that makes you remember something from your past.

The group is still small and I would like to invite you to come join and share some of the stories you hold dear in your mind. You do not have to consider yourself an accomplished writer to share your story with us. We would love to hear what ever you have to say about your past be it in story, poem or any other form of written work. Short or long doesn’t matter! Your written work about people who have influenced you in a good or even not so good way, a written work about a special memory in your mind can often be an inspiration to those who read them.

All of you have unique experiences that so many people would love to read about, why not share? Granted it takes more of your time to write and read a story than it does to snap and post an image but the the reward is worth the time.*

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