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I appears we May have offended some people here in the Bubble, this was not intended. This is a copy of a BM i sent in responce to a comment made on a journal entry.

please read this below,,

Hello Mark,,

Your words :

well since group forums are always inactive I will post this here also
First of all the word Indian is a very old mistake and many view this as an ignorant and incorrect turn. I am from T’Sou-ke Nation, which is very far from India.
Second the “about this group” shows that you are more interested in art relating to First Nations as more stereotypical and new age spirituality then Native American art.
Most tribes do not have totems!
And why would you have a no nudity rule?
My tribe ran around naked until the European Christians came over and taught us to be ashamed of our bodies, this rule would limit precontact realism in art.
I have been waiting for a Native American group for awhile and as you can tell I am very unimpressed with the setup and terminology used in this group

My responce:

My name is Laura,, I will be replying in the forums too,,and making a journal entry.

First of all i am sorry you feel the Native Indian group is unimpressively set up.
I will mention, that we are trying to get a group together that will celebrate a beautiful people. Their beliefs and everything that goes with it. As for Totems, I am sure you will find many people believe in them, now adays and in days gone by.

As for the Nudity rule,,yes you are right and i will change this to tasteful nudity, i was not implying in any way that we should be ashamed of our bodies! I use the words Native Indian as many people will relate to it,, may be i did not make my self clear,, but i will add the word ‘American’ to the title also (as it is in the discription) ,,no offence was intended there either. It seems that all our members so far, have added the kind of images intended for this group. And the discription seems to be self explainitary.

if you have any further discussions on the matter feel free to Bubble Mail me,

Regards Laura

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