Native Indian...another new group!!

Dawndavies and Dawnsky2 would like to invite all Native American Indian lovers to join the new group,, Spirit of the Native Indian

To all those artists interested in the Native American Indian.
The wise faces of Native American Indians, their ways, beliefs have fascinated people for years.
We would love to see all your fabulous art and writing dedicated these wonderfully colourful people.
This will include the Wolf, the Horse, all their other animal totems. As long as the image has a Native American Indian ‘feel’.

Do you have an idea of what ‘your’ Animal Totem is?,,Have you ever felt drawn to one particular animal? Or felt akin to it? Do you ever dream about a certain animal ?
Lets have all your ideas for this Great spirit group..

rules are easy:

No nudity
2 images per member per day ( for us newbie hosts) hehe!!
All submittions must have the Native Indian ‘feel’

thanks everyone,, dawndavies and dawnsky2

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