Dawnsky2 interviewed L K Southward..

This is my 2nd and last interview, and I was very happy, when the talented LK Southward said yes to be interviewed,,she has a fabulous talent for likeness and detail,,and i wanted to share her work with you all,,take it away LK…..!

Q: How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of you life?

A: I always try and involve art as much as I can. Everyday, I am constantly finding new inspiration within my ordinary life. This does have a major effect on the way I live. I like to find subjects that I and others can relate to i.e emotive subjects. I think it is very important to ‘know’ your subject otherwise it is almost impossible to bring out the best in them through your artwork. I like art to make a statement whether it be in the expression of a portraits emotions or a fine landscape of a place that you love.
I don’t know where my creativity comes from, my parents arn’t artists although my mother does have a keen eye for detail and perfection, especially when it comes to decorating the house! My Grandfather did a little painting but work is completely different. I only started drawing professionally around 4 years ago. During college I started sketching as a hobby, when my tutors saw my work they said I was on the wrong course, by then it was too late to change! However, once I left I really pushed the art and I gained a little recognition within my hometown.
I have entered several art exhibitions since graduating from college and have managed to contact Stan Laurel’s (of Laurel and Hardy fame) daughter who lives in California. We are now great friends and talk almost every night of the phone!

Q: Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on REDBUBBLE particularly special or meaningful.

A: I cannot say only one person. I suppose the feedback you get from other talented artists on redbubble in particularly meaningful. I could not believe the amount of outstanding artists would leave such pleasant and encouraging words about my artwork. I am sincerely overwhelmed by the amount of unique talent on here!

Q: Show and tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspired you.

A: Well I am a huge fan of photography, my Father being an avid snapper, so all the works I have picked are photographs. All my work is done from photos so this was probably only fitting to the choices. This does not mean that other works of art in different mediums have not inspired me also, it was so hard to pick only five!

‘That Sky’ by Mel Brackstone
Having only recently ventured into Landscapes, this piece really caught my eye. The colour and composition is no less than perfect! I have never seen a photograph so beautifully rendered- the illusion is absolutley stunning.

‘Alone’ by Kenny Gulley Jr Working with emotive subjects again, this work is simple and effective- Kenny has captured the very moment with this photo. His use of colour too gives it that sombre mood..just one guy, alone, nowhere to go it’s very raw and emotional.

‘Mother’s love’ by Rebecca Zachariah Rebecca’s ability to capture life in the moment is impecible. Her portfolio is very captivating and real. In this shot she has mastered the camera! The simple emotion of a mother holding this tiny baby with tenderness is very moving and inspiring.

‘LA living’ by Mike Shin Being a real lover of the City of Angels I had to choose this picture by Mik Shin. This images reminded me of my time in LA last year and in April of this year, the traffic is constant and vibrant yet their way of life is pretty quiet and layed back- unbelievable!

‘Call Of Duty’ by Andy Mueller IPA This photograph by Andy moved me to tears when I first saw on redbubble. It gives you an indescribable feeling. The image really does just saw it all!

Q: What is the primary reason you make and enjoy experiencing art?

A: I always struggle with questions like this…I really don’t know. I guess I just love expressing myself through art, there is no better way for a person to really show their feelings and thoughts by means of artwork. And they need to see others too, that way they can share emotions and gain ideas.

Q: List some artists or experiences which have shaped the way you see the world.

A: Events tend to give me ideas when it comes to my artwork. The attacks on the World Trade Centre for example, war, human relations etc… Making a true statement with art really means something to me.

When it comes to portraits however, it’s slightly different. Captivating eyes, raw human emotions, beautiful and interesting features inspire me there. I recently published a picture on here of a little indian girl crying..the photograph caught my attention anyway and it has gained special place in my portfolio- so far it is my personal favourite portrait.

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