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Bristol, United Kingdom

I hope to one day to be able to help with some important conservation projects, manyly on big cats, I have already undertaken a...


Wishing you all A Wonderful Christmas

Its been a pleasure watching all your lovely art and getting to know you through the year, many thanks for always being there for me too this year, a very negectful year for me on bubs, through my injury and my parents being so poorly, I have not commented as much as I would have wished, wishing you and yours a fantastic Christmas, May all your wishes get granted,and hoping you have a wonderful New Year, much luv and hugzz dawnxxx

Calling all, who have Published a Book!!

Laura and myself have started a new group
Redbubbles Published Authors and Artists Invite only group.
This group is for Promotion only, not for selling images etc. We can promote this site on our Facebooks, Twitter, Myspace, etc

If any of you have Published an Ebook, Fullprint or Picture book or even know any one else on Bubble that has, please let them know too and come and join us.
Please read the guidelines, as we want all the links as to where to purchase your books.
If you are interested and we really hope you will be, please bm me or Laura with your Redbubble username.
We look forward to having a great group!


Yippee, A Card Sale and Features

had a lovely surprise a few hours ago, my card Big Cat Nap was purchased by my very good friend and fellow artist Solomon Walker,check out Solomon’s fabulous art

Many thanks Solomon for all your support, hugzz dawnx
also I have had some terrific features og this week too,
My new picture Endangered Beauty was featured by the fabulous silhotte pets/animals group, I joined this group just a few days ago, I am honored.

My New pastel Hunter -Hunted has got a double feature, from Painters Universe group, and New Creations of beautiful colour group, many thanks to the hosts for this great honor,

my new white pastel Winter Wolf was featured by the All things black group,

Aslo my Golden Unicorn T Shirt was featured by the You got it,we want it group,…

and last but not least, one of my rare written piece

To All my Lovers

of Unicorns hehe please pop your unicorns into mine and dawnsky2’s new group
we all truly belive that these creatures do exist, maybe only in our dreams or in your loverly artwork, catch a star everyone,dawn and laura x

Redbubble Meet up at Bristol Zoo

Yesterday I met up with some RB buddies, Trudi (Trudi images) and Kristina (kristina K) at Bristol Zooo, they are both over in bristol for a wedding and holiday. They were great fun to meet and we giggled around my little zoo, and we all had a great time, but sadly the time just flew by. The both said to say hi to all on rb and that they are missing you all and will be back home in about 2-3 weeks time, with lots of awesome pictures.

Many thanks again for coming to the zoo for a visit, Dawnx

Shoulder update

Hi everyone, I had a prodcedure done yesterday, a ultrasound injection to break up some of the broken pieces in my shoulder, and the bits washed out and syphoned off, I am feeling relief already so I am hoping that this will help sort out the shoulder, and with luck I wont need an operation, so yippee, got to rest it for a few days so please bear with me not commenting on your great pieces of art. I know this last 5 weeks i have been not on much but I do plan to catch up with all of it. have a great rest of the week, dawnxx


Off to Berkeley Castle tommorow

Hi everyone, so sorry that i am still trying to catch up with all your lovely art. I am still waiting to hear about my operation to my shoulder, but on great pain relief now, I am off tommorow at Berkeley Castle, about 20 miles from bristol, to be part of a medieval battle display for the public, I cannot go on the battle field as an archer like i normally do, but i will be walking around in costume taking lots of pictures hehe i will show you the pictures soon, big hugzz dawnx

PHEW, I survived the interview

Hi Everyone, many thanks to you all for the congrats on my BBC radio Bristol interview about my book coming out.

I think it went well and none of this would have been possible if it were not for you all. When I joined RB just over two and half years ago I never dreamnt that my art would be liked or noticed to the extent that it has. I have been blown away by the luv and kindness that has been shown to me, you all have made me the artist you see today.

If anything comes of this bookf for me, then in the future i hope to be in the postion that i can help some of the endangered creatures i so adore.

luv ya all,dawnx

Wow Off to be interviewed by BBC Radio Bristol

Hi Everyone,…

I hope all of you are well and doing some awesome art,so sorry for the delay in seeing all your lovely new art, but as you all know i am suffering a shoulder injury which requires an op, I am on the emergancy list hehe which means I could be waiting months, I am also allergic to most drugs and its taken some time to sort out the pain I was in, but luckily the docs have found one I can take, phew lol, I am a lot more at ease with the pain now, I have also had my very great friend over from Northern Ireland for a wee visit and yesterday I was contacted to appear on BBC Radio Bristol, they have seen a copy of my book, My Art Has Heart, isbn 9781449035853,

The agency which offered me this book contract early last year has sent them a copy, and they are very excited about it, Thi

Many thanks for the get well wishes

Many thanks my friends for all the get well wishes, my shoulder pain is now under control thankfully, i am on a emergancy list which could mean months hehe but the painkillers are working. All being well at the weekend I will be at Tewksbury medieval battle displays sat/sun, I wont be shooting as an archer due to this injury but will be swaning around in costume, lol. will show photos hopefully on my return, take care all of you and i will do my best to catch up on all the wonderful art you are producing, big hugzz dawnx
so much to see, just like this guy.

cannot comment much, oh deary me

i wont be on much i have a badly injured right shoulder.since sat i have been to hospital 3 times and to my own doctor twice,at last i got some pain releif,and waiting to be able to see the surgeon about an op,cant type lefthanded very well, please bear with me, i will comment as much as i can, i am so frustrated hehe dawnx

Off today, So sorry I cannot comment

I am going to watch my daughter and her group do a medieval reinactment at a place called Winterbournes bard, this barn was built in 1342, to a commoner, a rare event for a huge barn of this size, this normally would have been built for nobles.
Info on the barn

I normally tag along and be part of the event but sadly just watching this year, due to my shoulder injury. Will be back commenting in the morning. have a great weekend all of you, dawnx

Features over the last 20 Days

First of all I would like to say sorry I have not been on Bubble much this last month, but I have had a massive problems with one of my outbuildings, leaks and such hehe and I had to do the repairs and I am also suffering a injured shoulder, not sure if any of you remember that I had a fall about 4 months back and I now have to have an operation on it, i have broken bits of a calcium which has to be removed, and so my art is going to suffer a little i think as its causing a few problems when i draw or use the camera lol so please bear with me over the next coming months, i will do what i can to catch up with all your lovely art.…

I am delighted to let you all know of the lovely features I have been lucky to get with some of my art over this last 20 days.
Blaise Castle’s Knight had 3 featur

Features - 20 days period

Wow I have so many features this last 20 days, hehe cannot go back further thatn that as our filter feeds just dont show others.
My first Commission Loved ones was featured in the fab Art at its best group,

Spooks was featured in the cats and dogs group,

Spooks play was featured in the You Big Softy group,

My picture Grace of a Tiger was featured twice in the Extreme Close ups group, and the wonderful Tiger,Tiger Group.

My picture Mask of Gold was featured in the All things Egyptain group,

Balls of Pink was featured in the we Sell Art group,

My picture Mustangs was featured in the Simply horses group,

Call of the Wild was featured in the Wolves in Art group,

Drenched Beauty was featured in the We Sell Art Group,

My new pastel Sun Lion was featured in the New Creations of beautiful Colour group,


wow More Sales

I have just been informed of 4 new sales, oh boy i am over the moon.
Card of Enchanted Waters,

Card of Zinnia Fanfare,

card of Gerber,

and a Laminated print of Egyptian Moon.

wow I am that excited I just know I wont be able to sleep tonight hehe, many thanks to the purchaser,dawnx


I would like to offer my heartfelt prayers to Dawnsky2 (Laura) and her family on the sad loss of your Mother, sending you lots of love and hugzz at this very sad time, dawnx

wow 3 features

Yippee, I just found out I have 3 features, it has made my week,
My new image,

My cat sassy, Sassy Cat,

and one of my first pastels, Night Tiger,

wow you guys you really have cheered me up, thank you so so much,dawnx

Features whoo Hoo

I am delighted to find out I had a fast feature on my new pastel Shadow Hunter by the live,love, and dream group, wow many thanks you guys.

my tee Dragon was featured by the Dragon’s Fire Group.

Jouster was featured by the wonderful Horses at work – geared up group,

Storm Rider was featured by the equine art and photography group,

and Mustangs was featured by the New Creations group,

Many thanks to all the groups hosts, I am over the moon with these featuers, dawnx


Once again I must say sorry for being so late in replying to your comments and commenting on all your lovely art. I have had a granddaughter have her first birthday, and a mother and father who are quite poorly at the moment, and needing my help and love. I have also been catologing all my original pastels for a possible showing later on in the year. Its very early days but I have been warned by the agency which gave me book offer hehe oh so scary lol.

I will be getting to you all so please bear with me.

big hugzz dawn

ps no need to comment, I know ya all luv me hehe just as I luv ya all.xx

wow Sold a tee

Came online this morning and found to my delight that I have sold a Hoodie, this make my 4th sale of a t shirt of any kind, wow I am stunned and delighted, would love to thank the purchaser personnaly, you have made my day,dawnx

Challenge and Features

wow what a week, I have not been on much as it was my youngest grandaughters first bithday, oh boy did I shop till I dropped lol.
This is to catch up on all my lovely features and a top ten challenge placement,wow,so cool, many thanks to all the hard working hosts of these wonderful groups.
My image Lamb Lights Easter card got into the top ten in the fabulous Inspirational card group for the easter challenge.

Flower Blues was featured in the wonderful One Single Flower Group,

Lavender Rose was featured in All about Flowers Group,

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ( emerald days) was featured in the new creations group,

Touch of Lemon was featured in the Just Butterflies group,

Blue Knights was featured in the fabulous new group, 1’ST Knight,

and Golden cat on a Hoddie was features in the Live,Love,and dr…

How cool, so many features

Hiya all I am delighted to find that this last few weeks I have had so many features, and woudl like to thank all the kind hosts for liking some more of my art, I luv ya guys,dawnx…

To my delight I joined a new group today called 1st Knight and had my first image which went in there featured, Blaise Castle’s Knight.

another feature for my Moonlight Dreams in the Shoot the Moon group,

My new pastel Butterfly was featured in the Frist Things group,

My photo Emerald Days was featured by the fab Your Country;s Best group,

my new photoshop art of two old pastels was featured in the fab All Original Blends group,

My pastel called Stare Down was featured in the wonderful Big Cats group,

My photo Touch of Lemon was featured in the Zoophoria group,

and two of my butterflies were featured in the Just Butte

wow Features

Wow As you all know I have been away and only just managed to get to any features that I have had, wow, so many.
My first portrait Golden Beauty was featured in the fabulous Contemporary pastel painters group,

She Holds my heart, photo of my granddaughter was featured by the Alphabet Soup (letter G)group,

A double feature for My Favorite place was featured by the Favorite Plae you Take,make or paint group, and featured in the Castle magic group.

Another double feature for my picture Moonlight Dreams was featured in the All Original Blends group and the wonderful Fuji fine group,

and my Enchanted Waters was featured in Mornings & Evenings—sunbeams & storms group,

Wow my heartfelt thanks goes to all these wonderful hosts for featuring some of my art, I am truly humbled and delighted, thank you so…

I'mmmmmmmmmmmmm BACK lol

Hiya all you guys, just to let you know I am back from my little holiday with my firend from belfast, Hilary was representing Northern Ireland in a top UK Archery ranking shoot, and yippee she gained a new uk record. We both had a fabulous time, I will be trying to catch up with you all and will get around to seeing all your wonderful new art, but please be patient with me hehe,dawnxx

Popped into Say

Hope everyone has a great valentines day.

Here’s a rose for you all, hope all your wishes come true, sorry for not being here much, my mother had her op yesterday to repair her damaged eye that she hurt in a bad fall last year, and all has gone well, thankfully. I am having my great friend over from Belfast soon and I will be away next weekend to watch her shoot for Northern Ireland. I will be back catching up by next wednesday, and I look forward to seeing all your lovely new art. take care and sending big hugzz dawnx

PS no need to comment, luv ya xx

Yippie Valentine hugs featured

Many thanks to the hosts of the wonderful Inspirational greeting card group for featuring this valentine’s day card.

Hope you all have a great valentines day on the 14th, no matter what I am sending big hugzzs all your way, Thanks for always being there for me, luv ya all,dawnxx

Yippee Sales and Features - WOW

I am over the moon this week, to have had two sales and several features.
Sold a card of Sky Dawn, this was a joint piece of art by me and the awesome dawnsky2, Do Check out her wonderful gallery, pure magic. Many thanks Katseye for your purchase, I am thrilled to bits, big hugzz Dawnxx

Sold a card to the fabulous FelicityB, do check out her fabulous gallery. Many thanks I am over the Moon, big hugzz Dawnx

My pastel of my old dog BLade was featured by the Alphabet Soup Group.

My pastel Equine Stud was featured by the wonderful Pastel Portraits group,

My photo’s of an atlas moth and Clear Wonder was featured by the Just Butterflies group,

My Pastel Danger was featured by the Wolves in ARt group,

My new pastel, Peach of a Morning was featured by the Contemporary Pastel painters group,

Many many

Now you all know I Luv you all, HEHE

Now you all know I luv you all, and hate missing any of your wonderful art, but I am afraid I will be on here a littel less over the next three weeks, there are just not enough hours in the day.
I have my new book to promote, which is turning out quite hard, lol most big book stores over here in the UK are quite willing to ordering copies in, but at the moment they are being put off by the fact that at the last minute it was decided to print my book over in the good ole USA, making the prices a lot higher due to shipping costs. Oh dear hehe, hoping that will change soon hehe.
I have been offered a book signing in Waterstones in Bristol (date to be arranged) which I am over the moon about and at the moment I am making posters and flyers and invites ect hehe, and I have butterflies in my t…

WOW Features

I am so thrilled to have been featured on several fabulous groups,
My new pastel Wildcat was featured by the wonderful Inspired Art group

and my pastel of my old dog Blade in the wonderful Cats and Dogs group

and my Moonlight Wolf was featured in the wonderful Wolves in Art group

and my Seamils Harbour shot was featured in the wonderful your Country’s Best group

and my Sunset of Lavender was featured in a fabulous new group called Naturalists Britian group, check them out its gonna be a fab group

WOW Features

I am over the moon to have such a great start to my new year with some of my pictures receiving features.
My photo Painted Wings was featured int eh wonderful Fuji Fine group,

Cool Morning Blues featured in the Simply horses group.

Ghost Warrior in the Spirit of the Native American group.

Pink Lovelies in the Elegant Rose Card Group

wow you guys, I am honored to have recieved these features with your fabulous groups, thank you so so much,dawnx

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