Dawn B Davies-McIninch

Bristol, United Kingdom

I hope to one day to be able to help with some important conservation projects, manyly on big cats, I have already undertaken a...


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year

please please no need to comment, lol I dont want to stop anyone having fun on the last day of the year. I wish you all a fabulous New Year and truly hope all your dreams and wishes get granted in this new year. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your lovely support since we all first met, truly you all have kept me upbeat about my art. luv ya all,dawnxx

To All My Bubble Friends

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmastime and hope all your wishes get granted in 2010, many thanks for all your support and friendship since we first met. Have a great holiday, catch up soon, much luv,dawnxxxxxx

Warning to All Parents

Please make sure after the Holidays are over that all you parents take the time to go to your childrens school and let them know exactly who is going to be picking up your children and grandchildren, Yesterday I was out most of the day with my daughter finishing off our Christmas Shopping, I dropped my daughter off at my grandaughters school and she was called into the office straight away, apparently two weirdos went to collect my 5 year old grandaughter from school, and asked for her by name, this was 15 mins before my daughter got there, they were claiming that they were her grandparents, Lucky for us, when she first joined the school, we let them know that it would either be me or my daughter picking her up at the end of each day,. boy its a good job we did that and they never let …

Share a Little Christmas Magic

My daughter done this for my little grandaughter and it bought us to tears when she first clapped her eyes on it, the look of awe on her face and the thrill it gave was just pure magic, you send a picture of your child or grandchild and their most wanted christmas present, its a free site and oh boy its sure full of magic for the kids, I just had to share. dawnx

portable North Pole

WOW 5 features and a Sale. oh my better make that six features hehe

Boy I was so thrilled to find I have 5 features this past weekend and a Sales whoo hoo.
My picture Lost Ancestry earned being featured by two groups at the same time,Original Blends group and the New up and coming manipulated art group.

Azure Dream was featured by the fabulous Extreme Close-up group.

Cool as Glass was featured by the wonderful First Things group.

and my Tee Spirit Dawn was featured in the First Things group.

and I sold a card of Awwwwwww Baby

many thanks to the mystery buyer, i am over the moon.

opps just found i have had another feature, this time with the World Wildlife Photography Group, wow many thanks i am delighted.

Many thanks to all the hosts who have featured my art, i am absolutly delighted, Thank you so so much,dawnx

Wow My First Customer Now Has My Book

whoo who, I have just learnt that my very First customer has received her copy of my very first Book, Many thanks Stephanie, I am just so proud to know its with you, I told you that you will get to see it first lol Still waiting for mine to arrive hehe I hope you enjoy the book, it really does contain my heart, lol I am truly over the moon, much luv dawnxxx

buyers boothe



wow I am over the moon that a few more of my pictures have recieved features this week,
my picture Kingdoms Lost was featured by the fab All things egyptian group

My picture Fire Eyes was featured in the wonderful Contemporary pastel painters group

and my favorite chirstmas card Puppy for christmas by the contemporary pastels painters group making this a double feature for me in there

many thanks to the groups hosts, you have made my day,dawnx

wow what a great week,

wow my picture zebra foal has got a 2nd feature with the fabulous # 1 ARTISTS OF REDBUBBLE group

a double feature for Mane Aflame, with the #1ARTISTS OF REDBUBBLE GROUP and the wonderful Live,Love, Dream group.

and my picture Nightcat was featured in the wonderful Pastel Portraits group

and my picture Clearwind was featured with an hour or so of joining a fabulous new group calledWorld wildlife photography group

wow you guys, many many thanks , this weeks been a whirl,my first book out and all these fabulous features too, wow I am in heaven hehe dawnxx

Dreams Do Come True - My Book is now up and Running

oh boy oh boy, I am absolutly thrilled, I have just found out that my first book has gone on sale, phew I am stunned hehe

My Art Has Heart
Full of a 120 of my original and well known pastels and hehe poems too lol

I would like to thank all of you wonderful artists on Redbubble, for its you all that have made me believe in myself and have made this woman become an artist and now an author. I dreamed a dream and its coming alive before my very eyes. I still cannot believe I got my very own book of art, and lol poems in there too, another thing I never dreamnt of being able to do, I just luv you guys, thanks so much everyone for so much support you have always given me and the friendship I have always been shown oh wow dawnxx

Wow Features

oh boy I have had a great start to my week, several of my pictures have been featured.
Zebra Foal featured by the fab Pony Club Group,

Golden Cat featured by the Animal Kingdom group,

Natures Finest featured by the fab Elegant Rose Card group,

and Colours of Sundown featured by the fab I Love Birds group,

WOW many thanks all you guys, I am absolutly thrilled, such an honor and a wonderful start to my week, thank you so so much,dawnx

Wow A Homepage Feature and more hehe

oh wow, just found out that I have had my picture King Tut featured on the Redbubble Homepage, boy I am over the moon, this is my 2nd home page in 22 months since joining this fab site,

many thanks you guys you have made my year, dawnx
I also found out that i have two more of my images featured in groups,
My picture Cool Morning blues was featured in the wonderful Pony club group.

and my picture Great Willow Tits was featured in the new and wonderful pastel portraits group.

Wow many many thanks I am so thrilled, dawnx

wow two more features

just spotted that I have two new features, my picture Ghost Captain (johnny depp) was featured by the wonderful Inspired Art group.

and my picture, a rare acrilic was featured in the wonderful First Things group

many many thanksyou guys, wow i am over the moon,dawnxx

wow - 5th and 6th feature this weekend

oh boy I am stunned, my picture lucious lemon was featured in the elegant rose card group,

and my new picture today, Forest heart was featured in the First Things Group

Wow I am stunned, many thanks you guys, this si a weekend I shall not forget for ages, 6 features all together wow a delighted Dawnx

other features this weekend:-
Tiger Eyes – Fuji film group
Spirit of the Native American – All original blends group
Golden Core – Fuji Film group
Waters of silver – Fabulous Flowers group

wow Waters of Silver - Featured

wow my favorite image of one of my roses has been featured by the fabulous flower group. Waters of Silver

many thanks you guys, i am thrilled to bits to have this picture features by your wonderful group, dawnx

wow 2nd Feature - Spirit of America

wow, just found I had a 2nd feature this morning. Spirit of America was featured by the fab original bleands group. this piture was done for my 50th birthday by the fabulous Dawnsky2, she chose these pastels of mine. a fabulous piece I am very proud of.

many thanks you guys I am delighted to have this picture featured,dawnx

Tanvir Eyes - Featured

Wow what a way to start the weekend, my picture of Tanivir’s Eyes was featured by the fab Fujifilm Group. I always use a Fujifilm camara,

many thanks you guys for the feature,Tanvir was one of three tigers I helped look after on a keeper for the day coarse, its was a fabulous day, a bit gross at times but well worth it to be able to get up so close, hehe well not too close and I still have all my fingers in tact hehe dawn

Featured - Zinnia

wow, i am thrilled to find that my zinnia flower picture has been featured by the wonderful all about flowers group.

many thanks you guys, I am over the moon with this feature, dawnx

Dreams Really do Come True - My First Book

Wow what a day, I have just been informed that my very first out of the blue book offer will be going live for sale from the 15th November, hehe oh boy, dont know if the butterflies I have are through excitement or fear hehe. This book is full of endangered creatures and poems. All I can say is WOW never ever let that dream of yours go. dawnx
My Art has HEART book

Yippee - A sale ( 10 cards) and Two Features

wow what a great start to my day, sold ten cards, this is my first christmas card sale hehe Golden Glow,

I would like to thank the purchaser of the card, wish i knew who you are, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also found the my picture Big CAt Nap was featured in the new pastel portraits group, I am honored to be featured into this new group.

and My picture The Grey has been featured in the Traditonal Equine art group.

many thanks you guys, you really dont know how much this wonderful news has cheered me up. dawnxx

All christmas cards are at the back of my gallery

Ladyhawk - Featured

What a great way to start my weekend, my picture Ladyhawk has been featured in the fabulous Aribrush art group.

Many,many thanks you guys, you have made my weekend have a flying start, dawnx

wow Three Features

whoo hoo, this week I hve been lucky to have got three featured images.
Cat Bowl was featured in the fabulous pets are Us group,

Elegance was featured in the wonderful Flowers in macro group,

and Sky Travelers was featured in the fabulous A Vision of Flight Group,

wow many thanks you guys, I am thrilled to bits with this wonderful news, Dawnx

Dreams Do Come True - Update

Yippee, At last I have a date of my very first book of art and poems Titled My Art Has HEART ISBN 9781449035853, out on the 15th November, oh boy hehe I am all excited but scared to death too, I would like to thank you all for all your support along the way since I joined RB, never in all my dreams did I think I would have my own book, all I ever wanted was to sell a little of my art. all of you have made this artist you see today and I am proud to know you all, So remember you guys, always keep that dream alive of being spotted through your art, and keep those masterpieces coming, it really does happen for real hehe. Much Luv Dawnx

My Book

Wow Another Sale

I just got up this morning and first job of the day, apart from making a coffee is to pop into Redbubble and to my delight I find I have sold a callender Horse Dream to the wonderful artist Pilgrim.

many thanks Pilgrim, you made my day, thank you so much Dawnx

Sold a Laminated Print whoo hoo

Just been informed the the wonderful artist Linaji has purchased my picture Night Tiger, this tigers first laminated print sale hehe, she has been in love with him for over a year and a half now, I have to send him to her ofter so she can give him a kiss hehe. She recently had a showing of her art and sold lots of her fabulous pictures. Do Check out linaji art, is unique and her poems and writtings are out of this world. A true Star.

Many thanks Linaji, Proud to be called friend, Much luv,dawnxx


Hi guys, as promised an updated on my first book of art and poems hehe I have my own ISBN NUMBER heehee ISBN 978-1-4490-3585-3, I have been told its now what they call a work in progress, I will know in a few weeks time when its going on sale.…

I AM STILL IN COMPLETE AND UTTER SHOCK LOL I cannot believe I have been lucky to have had this offer, I know now that dreams do come true if you wish it enough, lol mind you all I ever wanted was to sell my art hehe haha I never dreamnt that I would be headhunted by just my art being seen on my sites that my art is on, and I really am gobsmacked that I am now an artist and author and guess what a poetress too hehe who would have ever thought that lol giggle giggle.

My heartfelt thanks goes to each and everyone of you on Redbubble, for its down to

Wow 4 Features of the weekend

oh boy, I have had 4 of my pictures featured over the weekend, I am thrilled to bits.
My Picture Khan has been featured by the fab Tiger,tiger group, and I have just become a co host to this fabulous group, so this will be my last feature in there, but i dont mind at all, hehe i am gonna be surrounded by these wonderful big cats, hehe

Windows of Wonder featured by the wonderful Just Butterflies group.

All the apricots was featured by the Goregeous flower cards group

Awoken Beauty was featured by the Elegant Rose cards group.

I would like to thanks all the co hosts for featuring some of my pictures,I am truly delighted and a great start to the week, dawnx

Wild Pony - Konic Featured

A Wonderful way to start my day, my picture Wild Pony has been featured by the fabulous The Pony Club (no horse) group.

Many thanks for featuring one of my pictures, a great way to start my day, thanks so very much,dawnx

I Made A Mistake

hehe I thought I had 3 features this morning, but just found this one too, my picture White Delights was featured too int he fabulous just butterflies,
alongside my other this morning, so today I have had two double featured pictures.
Shear Beauty featured Just butterflies group.
Buttermilk roses featured elegant rose card group.
and All the Apricots elegant rose card group.

Oh boy many thanks again a very stunned and delighted dawnx

buttermilk rose,all the apricits and shear beauty featured

Wow I joined the fabulous Elegant Rose Card group last evening and my two pictures entered were both featured. Buttermilk Roses and all the Apricots.

Many thanks you guys, you have made my day, I am thrilled to bits and honored to join your wonderful group. Dawnx

and also my picture Shear Beauty was featured in the fabulous Just Butterflies group, wow I am so thrilled this morning, thank you so much, dawnx

golden dreams/sad/ featured

wow found out that my new pictuer Golden Dreams has been featured by the fabulous First things group.

and My Picture Sad has been featured by the fabulous Wolves in art group.

Many thanks you guys, I feel so proud to have these pictures featured, dawnx

wow hawk featured

wow I uploaded a new pastel picture a Hawk on site last night and found to my delight this morning that its been featured by the lovely First things group.

many thanks you guys, a great strat to this new week, dawnx

Unicorn Fantasy - Featured

Delighted to find first thing this morning my picture Unicorn Fantasy has been featured by the traditonal Equine art: horse,ponies and unicorns group.

Many thanks you guys, i am thrilled to bits that you have featured this picture, dawnx

tiger keeper story featured

Just found out that my Tiger Keeper story has gained a double feature, the wonderful Tiger Tiger group and the Imagewriting group. Wow you guys, this week certainly has me flying, I am so so delighted I can walk on clouds, thanks so very much,dawnx

Wow a Card Sale

I just came on line and found to my delight find that I have sold a card Tiger Eye to the lovely Kendra Taber
do check out this ladies art, she has a fabulous gallery. Many thanks kendra I am going to be floating on air all day, dawnxx

what a find

Found out just that 3 of my pictures have been featured

Cool Mornings blues was featured by the fabulous all original fusion group.

the foal was featured by the fabuluos The Pony Club group.

and Moonshadow was featured in a new group I just joined,the Black Cats group.

Wow this is just so cool, what a great start to my weekend, thank you all so so much,dawnx

sunset tears/leopard of gold/grey freatured

Wow Been off for a few days due to having a virus, and I come back to find I hae a few features pictures. My picture Sunset Tears has got a double Feature, the original fusion group, and the Live,love, and dream group.

Also my picture Leopard of gold was featured by the fab Alphabet group (letter L).

and Picture Grey was featured by the wonderful painted animals group.

Many thanks to all these fabulous hosts who have featured some of my art, I am truly delighted, thank you so much,dawnxx

PS… for all on my watchlist, I will be getting to see all of your fabulous art and achievements as soon as I can, but it may take me a while. dawnx

swan featured

wow just finished uploading 5 mins when i find out this picture, Swan has been featured by the awesome Out of the blue (75%+blue) group.

Many thanks you guys, i am bowled over,dawnxx

Oh My, 5 features

Oh my word, I have been off due to celebrating my hubbies birthday and come back onto site to find I have 5 Features, 4 to the Just Butterfly group and 1 in the Tiger Tiger group, wow I am godsmacked but thrilled to bits, many,many thanks to both these awesome groups for such an honor, dawnxx

WOW Sold two Cards

Wow, what a great start to my day whoo hoo I sold two cards, Wild pony to the fab
Diana-Lee Saville

and My photo Close to the fab KendraTaber

My thanks go to the both of you, its truly an honor for anyone to like my pictures so much that they purchase a piece, I am delighted to have woken up this morning to this awesome news, much luv,dawnx

Triple features in the Tiger Tiger Group

I just found out that my poem Night Tiger and my new pastel picture Sunset Tiger has been made a double feature by the fabulous Tiger Tiger group.

Many many thanks you guys, a triple feature, wow i am delighted to have all three pieces featured, i am in total shock and walking on air, dawnxxx

I do so worry about their lack of numbers on this planet belonging to us all, dawnxx

Tiger’s with your eyes so bright,
They can see well into the night,
What do they do before the light,
Dont be there, they’ll give you a fright.

Tiger’s with their story to be told,
What makes thier stance so very bold,
They took the land, they tried to hold,
To them this land is worth more than gold.

Tiger’s with such golden hair,
What would we do without you there,
Stories could be told of your tiger’s lair,
We want yo

Wow Grey Featured

Wow what a way to start a day, finding out that my new pastel picture Grey has been featured by the fabulous # 1 Artists of redbubble group

many thansk you guys, a great thing to wake up to, i am delighted,dawnx

Ist Place Challenge Win

It was my birthday yesterday so I was not on RB and this morning to my delight I find that I had a 1st place challenge win on the fabulous A vision in flight group with my photo Up underneath,

Many thansk you guys, a great pressie to receive, dawn
PS will be very late replying and commenting but promise to catch up, hehe eventually, dawnx

Forgotton Song Featured

I have just woke up to finding out I have been featured by a new group I joined yesterday, the wonderful Image Writing group.
many thanks you guys, this means alot, this is one of my first ever pieces to go onto site here and got me noticed and by being noticed made me the artist you see today and oh so many great friends, thanks so much, dawnx

new arrival featured

Wow just found out that I have my 3rd feature this weekend, by the fabulous new All Soft and Cuddles Group.

Wow Many thanks you guys I am truly delighted, dawnxx

Dragon Featured

wow just got back in from a night out and found my pastel picture Dragon has been featured by the fabulous Dragon’s Fire group.

many thanks you guys, i am truly delighted, dawnxx

So Cool

My picture Puma featured in the fab Alphabet roup – letter p.

many thanks you guys, i am so thrilled that you like this picture, dawnxx


is anyone else finding today that some pictures are being sent to go into a group without clicking any boxes to enter them hehe or is it just me with a gremlin hehe good morning Dawnxx

All Seeing Featured.

wow, such a quck feature, All Seeing was only on site for a few hours and has been featured by the fab First Things group.

Many thanks you guys, you have given me such a great surprise this moring, chuffed to bits I am, hehe dawnxx

Wow A 2nd Feature Tonight - Johnny Depp

Just found out that I have had a 2nd feature tonight by the fab First Things Group, my pastel and white ink picture of Johnny Depp, as a ghost captain Jack Sparrow, this picture was done as a negative.

many many thanks you guys, i am thrilled to bits with this feature, i am truly delighted that you like my picture of Captain Jack Sparrow, dawnxx

Wow Lone Wolf Featured

Just found out that my pastel picture Lone Wolf has been featured by the fabulous group Animal Fantasy and Whimsy.

many thanks you guys, i am delighted with this feature,dawnxx

Wow Sold a Card

Just found out I sold a card of Just a little sip, to the fabulous DanaMS, many thanks Dana you made my day.

Please check out DanaMS
shes got some fabulous art in there, many thanks again Dana, Dawnxx

PS Also to let all you great friends know, I wont be on much over the next few weeks, My book is nearly ready to go to the publisher’s and now is the time to tick all the boxes, i.e spellings and mistakes hehe, so will catch up on all your lovely art as soon as I can, dawnx

Wow Flame Featured

Just found out that my pastel picture Flame has been featured in the fab traditional Equine art group.
many thank you guys, i am thrilled to bits to have this featured, dawnx

Night Tiger Poem Featured

Tiger’s with your eyes so bright,
They can see well into the night,
What do they do before the light,
Dont be there, they’ll give you a fright.

Tiger’s with their story to be told,
What makes thier stance so very bold,
They took the land, they tried to hold,
To them this land is worth more than gold.

Tiger’s with such golden hair,
What would we do without you there,
Stories could be told of your tiger’s lair,
We want your history to always be there.

Tiger’s so fast, please dont blink,
These wonder’s of god are on the brink,
We dont want humanity to loose this link,
For then us humans would really stink.

So come you guys pick up the fight,
We dont want the tiger’s to suffer this plight,
so let us use our powerful might,
To help these tiger’s to keep thier eyes so bright

Away for a the next two weekends

I am away for the next two weekends, doing my medieval battle public displays, this weekend I am at tewksbury, gloucestershire, for those near, hope you come, its a fantastic day out for the family, plenty of parking, and the following weekend I am at Berkeley Castle, I will be on and off throughout the week and trying to catch up on all your fantastic art, but it will be late replys i am afraid, keep well all, and I will try and catch a knight hehe lol dawnx


Totem Apache Featured

Oh boy just found out that my new picture Totem Apache has been featured in the fab First Things group.

Many thanks you guys, you have made my weekend start fantastically, dawnx

Happy 4th July to all my American friends.

Tewksbury Battle

Just letting you guys know, on the 11/12th July I will be at Tewksbury, gloucestershire, doing a medieval battle display, Lol will be in the battle too as an Archer, its a fabulous weekend and so much there to see there, jousts, battles, camp life, beer and food tents, Kingihts and ladies, stalls of all kinds, why not pop down and say Hi, dawnx

Display on the actual battle field of where this famous battle happened

Dreams come true - update - First book out in September

Hi Guy’s as promised, this is the latest info.
Front Cover.Golden Cat.…

I have now got the go ahead for my book, its coming out hopefully in September. It’s Title will be My Art Has heART by me, hehe wow I cannot beleive this, I am over the moon as you can guess. It will have my pastel art and a few watercolors and some photoshop stuff in there too, and another thing too haha this company has got me doing a few little poems to go with a few of the pictures too, lol I just giggle now when i read them hehe hope you do too hehe.

Myy art will be allowed to be kept on site here, i sought the legal people and apparently as I own the copyright to the art which will be within the book it does not cause any problems to the publisher, but this will definately be confirmed next week, so I can k

Dreams do come true - update - heehee well we hope haha hoho

Many thanks for all the best wishes I have received on my good fortune, nothing is set in concrete as yet and I am helping the company sort out my art for a book they want to do of my art. It was inteded that this art be kept on site here but placed not for sale, I have now decided that its best for them to come off, a date was supposed to be 30th June, may be just a little longer than that, but off they will be coming, to keep them on they will clog up my big gallery hehe and its time to let my babies go haha. I will of coarse keep you updated to when they will be off, LOL the company has said if and I mean If I ever become famous those who have had this art of mine before may find the pieces they have will be worth a lot more hoho well we will see hehe giggle giggle, I am keeping my…

Lavenders Featured

I fust found out that my new photo lavenders have been featured by the All about Flowers Group,

Wow you guys, I am truly delighted, thank you so very much,dawnxx

Double Feature/Featured Member -coffee rose and caramel lily

I just found out that that the two pictures I have put up today have been featured by the fab first things group and they have also made me a featured member, I am blown away.

many thanks you guys for such a tremendous honor, i am really delighted, these are old pictures which my dughter loves, but wanted them this caramel colour to match her new decorated living room, they look so good up on her walls that i just had to show them on here, and this double feature means a great deal, thanks you so so much,dawnxx

Dreams come true - Update.

As Promised an update on the cut off dates for my pictures going to be promoted, The 30th June will be last these pastels and pictures of mine can go for purchase, after this date, No sales will be possible, I would like to thank all who have commented and purchased some of these pieces since they have been on site here, They will still be able to be seen of coarse, and I will let all know if anything positive comes from them being promoted. For me its the usual adding of new work HAHA not getting rid of me, hehe I am an addict on here, dawnxx…

List of Titles going for Promotion, Now to be found on the back pages of my gallery. lol dawnxx


Wild Pony

I have just been informed the the talented Michael J Armijo has purchased a card of Wild Pony, how thrilled I am Michael, you have really made my day, thankyou so much, I am sure he will have a fab time over with you, many thanks dawn

Dreams Do come true.

I joined this fabulous rb last january and was lost in a wonderland by the very first pictures i saw, wayofthewarrior, Luminuex now known as marrion cullen,dmarie,tomasjchappelle,angibaker, and many many more, some have become such great friends, we have all been here urging the other on and hoping that all attain their dreams, it truly is a wonderful place to be this rb, its like traveling the world in 80mins, and seeing such glorious images and pictures from around this world of ours.…

When I first joined Rb I was not sure of my own art and not confident my art would be liked, its been a tremendous honor to be part of this redbubble and to have some of my art liked and that art graced by such fabulous comments, and help if i needed it. Well it looks like I am one of the lucky ones to ha

Giving Notice

Hey you wonderful Bubblers, wow I cannot quite believe I am writing this, I will be possibly taking off a lot of my pastel art and watercolors within the next month or so, I have luckily been headhunted to have my art exclusivly promoted, by a top london company but unfortunately I cannot keep the pictures they are wanting on here, but of coarse I will still be doing new pastels and watercolors in the future and posting them for you all to see, a lot of legal stuff and agreements have to be sorted first, and this is a big step up for me, scarey really hehe, and nothing is concrete as yet. I will be given over the next few weeks a list of what pastels they want and which will be coming off site, but from what i gather they will be the main pastels on my first few pages in my gallery.…

Forgotton Song honored

My Picture Forgotton song has had a beautful poem written by the wonderful Dawnsky2 ( laura)

I am honored by such wonderful words as this laura, Yes we all must make sure their howling song is not forgotton to this planet of ours, Thank you laura this has touched me deeply, dawnx…

Forgotten song.

I watch her from a distance
There she sits, upon the hill
Silhouetted against the dying sun.
Whatever happened to their existence?
Whoever caused their blood to spill?
And now, what is done is done.

On the rise her head lifts
The breeze takes the howl adrift
As she cries, for the life of her pack.
The mournful sound of loss and grief
Is carried upon rustling leaves.
For what is done, is done
And there’s no going back.

For a moment, in the Golden haze
She sees me from where I stand
And from the depths of my h

Sorry Folks

So sorry folks I am missing so much of your art, down with a nasty case of flu, I will be back fighting fit soon I hope and of coarse you all know i will catch up on all that i have missed, but it may take me a while, dawnxx

Scammer now under faith 100

Hello my dear.
My name is Gift i saw your profile today at ( www.redbubble.com )and i became intrested so please i will like you to email me back through my email address thus:(gift_44loveyou@yahoo.com). pls i will like you to send me your email address so that i will tell you more about my self and also my picture you to know who i am .hope you understand.thanks.And i will like you to contact me trough my email adress(gift_44loveyou@yahoo.com)
Am waiting to see your lovely reply soonest.
Miss Gift.

just received another from this person and her email leads to an unsafe site so i have been told, please report this to rb if you get one, its pure spam, dawnx

Wow Moonglow Featured

Wow been so busy today with my youngest daughters birthday, had all the family here and its been manic heehee, just got online to find i have had Moonglow featured on the fab shoot the moon group. wow you guys i am thrilled with this picture being featured, thank you so much

wow 2nd Feature today

oh boy my 2nd feature today, the fabulous live,love and dream grouphas feature my pictures, Beauties in Violet ( macro ).

many thanks you guys, i am truly delighted to have this new picture featured,dawnxx

Oh Boy, The Mare Featured

Came on line first thing today and was delighted to find my b/w picture, The Mare has been featured in the fab Equine and photography group.

Many thanks you guys, i am thrilled to bits,dawnx

Wow clearwing Featured

What a great thing to wake up too, to find my picture Clear wing being featured by the fab new group first things.

Hey you guys, you have made my day start with a bang, thank you oh so much, dawnx

My First Ever Challenge Win

My picture Clearly Beautiful Wonder won me first place in the First Things group’s new challenge.

Wow you guys, wht a great start to my weekend you have given me, these butterfly’s are just amazing, delighted by this wonderful news,dawnx

Wild Pony Featured

wow wow a 3rd feature today, My picture Wild pony has been featured in the fab new The Pony Club Group.

many thnsk you guys, i am over the moon and wish you every sucess with this wonderful new group,dawnxx

Ladyhawk Featured

Just found out that my new picture Ladyhawk, with wording added for a new challenge has been featured in the fab Sisters in arms group.

oh wow you guys I am thrilled to bit with this feature, many thanks Dawnxx

Like a Firefly Featured

Wow just got online first thing this morning to find that my picture, Firefly has been featured in a new group I just joined called Just Butterfly’s

wow you guys you have made my day, dawnx

Hey You Guys

Just a quick little note to let you know i luv ya all and many thanks for bearing with me being so late in commenting and seeing all your new art, as you all know i have started back training in archery with my brand new bow and its new arrows, boy i am shattered hehe and ache all over but its starting to build, well my scores anyway hehe dont know about me, feel like a new beginner at times hehe, guess i should save for a laptop so that on my many rests between shooting lol i can sit and chat and see all your lovely art,

Just wanted you to know i will catch up, but I have to make the most of this fine weather the uk is getting at the moment hehe lol dawnxx

Popping in and out

so sorry i may miss some of your art, as most of you know my father has been most unwell and only came out of hospital just over 9 weeks ago, over the last two weeks we have had his doctor out 6 times as my father could not walk due to gout they think, he also had a severe chest infection and was given linctus for this, appears he should have had anitibiotics, he was rushed into hospital with pnemonia yesterday and coughing up blood and is in a bad way, appriciate any prayers you could send, dawnx

Wow Big Cat Nap Featured

Oh boy what a thrill this morning to find my picture Big Cat Nap featured in the fab new All soft and Cuddles group.

Many thanks you guys I am thrilled to bits with this picture being featured, an honor for me, dawnx

Hey I'm back hehe

thanks for all your wonderful comments on the birth of my new grandaughter, Caitlin Rose, shes a pure delight and i am thrilled to bits, both mother and dughter are well and i am trying to get through my backlog of wonderful new work you guys have done over this past week, I see RB have done some amjor changes hehe I hate it, when I comment I have got used to going back to the comment and page i was just on, now i have to scroll back each and everytime and its wasting so much time, I also dont like to see what you lovely people have said in your comments back to me, i like to open it as a surprise, i feel that with this showing up some will get too bored to answer and that truly would be a shame, i am all for rb improving things and the layout is fab but come on boys you want us to intera…

Many Thanks for your time

I have taken off over 300 pictures from my gallery and would like to thank all who viewed and commented on them and for giving me your time, it hurt to loose over 40 thousand of these views and comments and favoriting but the gallery is far to large, will be taking off a lot more too, dawn

PS also moving my youngest daughter into her new house over the next 3 days and my other daughter is about to have my 2nd grandchild, hoping she will hang on until the moves been done , so i wont be on much over the next few days

RB Meet at Slimbridge tommorow

Hi all, I wont be on tommorow through the day, going to another fab rb meet up, with Brian Beckett, sue davies and family and tina and dave Hogg

If you can come along and have some rb fun.

All meeting up outside before ten am or in the canteen for a hot drink and a chat after that time, if you can get there do, the last meet up for me at Bristol Zoo was a hoot, hope to get some birdies for ya, dawnxx

oh boy oh boy Otters featured a 2nd time

oh boy my pictures otters and dolphine trio have gained me a double feature in the painted animals group, wow

many thanks you guys, this is otters 2nd feature in 24 hours and i am over the moon, and thrilled that you like the dolphin trio too, and very happy puppy i am hehe dawnx

oh boy, Otters featured

wow uploading a few hours ago and featured in the live love and dream group,
many thanks you guys, this has made my day, this was on rb in my first month and took off again, I decided this morning it should be here, boy i am so thirlled,i love them as they are like naughty little boys,dawnx

so sorry you guys

as you know i have been away and trying to catch up on all wonderful art you have got up, rb today wont let me go to page 2 to see anything else, so i can only do page 1 and wait for new to come on hehe is anyone else having the same problems or should i be worried,dawnxx

See you all next week

Off to pick up my friend, teacher of art and archery coach tommorrow, and so busy packing today, shes shooting for northern ireland the weekend up at a very large UK top ranking shoot up in staffordshire and i am going to give her my support, and of coarse have much fun, hope to take a few pics, keep well all of you, I will be very behind on many many pages of your fabulous art on my return, but will do my upmost to catch up with you all, hehe dawnx

A sale for the wildlife fund

Yippee, I donated my picture Kaola mother and baby to the wildlife appeal to help with funds for this aweful crisis they are in.

Many thanks lindsay, you truly are a star, keep up with the great effort you are doing,dawnx

Yippee Just sold a card

wow a great way to start my day, i have been informed that my picture Golden Wing has sold a card,

the purchaser is a new lady called Karenleena, shes very new to rb and i hope all will check out her art once she has upload some, many thanks again karenleena you made my day, dawn

Fawns Featured

been off Rb due to my dad in hospital and come on to find my picture Fawns has been featured in the painted animal group, many thanks guys, it cheered me right up,dawnx

Sorry for not commenting

Sorry for missing all your lovely art, my father was rushed into hospital yesterday and straight into coranary care, he suffered a heart spasm on sunday and ignored it and never told anyone, he had a severe chest infection the week before and his doctor took him off a breathing tablet, which he should have been weened off of and it has caused this latest heart problem, so I am not happy, surly this doctor should know this. He had his first heart attack aged 40 and ten years ago had a triple bypass and does know that he has to be careful, but he ignored this on sunday so not to distrube any of us as it was late at night, now they have to do all sorts of things including shocking the heart back into a proper and safe beat, I have everyday this week tried to get him to get the doctor back…

One Year Today

One year ago today I found Redbubble and oh boy what a year its been, just fabulous, i have had over 130 thousand views, lost count of all the fabulous comments i have had from people I now can call friends, and a few sales, over half from my family who have also been amazed that my art has been liked, you see before I joined RB they did not like it much and i thought it was only me who did hehe lol they dont think that now haha.…

You have all insired me to learning so many new things with my art, when I joined I had dabbled with a few watercolors and a few pastels and popped them on to see how they would be received, boy was I shocked that most have been liked. I now take photo’s and dabble with things within a pc, and this is by a total PC Dummy, I would like to thank personally Dawnsky

Fawns Featured

whoo hoo, my pictures featured in the new group Deer Me

many many thanks you guys, i am truly delighted that you like this watercolor, dawnx

Redbubble Meet at Bristol Zoo

Wow what a day we all had at bristol zoo, the weather was dry but very cold. It was great to meet everyone and i had a brilliant time, everyone was so friendly and just as mad as me, many thanks to Brian Becket and Suedavies for the invite, a few pics of the day hehe, dawnx
Brian Becket in the thicket in the butterfly house

Sue Davies having fun on gorrila island
and Sue davies fell in love with this fish, not a clear pic but could not resist showing lol hehe

Thanks again you guys, i had a ball and cant wait to meet up again more pics to follow hohoho dawnx
me on the left hehe

Heads Up Peeps

a few months ago Redbubble suffered severe problems and all our art went winging its way around the rb space again, and this rerun clogged the system so much that new art was finding it hard to get a look in, this was after a server problem they have, i have noticed this last hour that 2 pieces of my watchlists art from yesterday has come up again, I just would like to pre warn all that i have a feeling that this is going to happen more until they sort the problems they have had recently. so i thought i would warn all just in case hehe But i sure HOPE i am Wrong lol dawnx

Bristol Zoo Redbubble meet

Brian Becket has arranged a redbubble meet at the zoo on sunday 18th January, all meeting up at ten, only requirement is to carry a red balloon, because the group so far is over ten people, the prices have dropped to an amazing £6.50, if you can come and join the fun and i will try and not be too much of a pain in the butt, hehe well maybe, lol dawnxx

Sale - Yippee

Many thanks to Trudi for the purchase of a card of clearly beautiful wonder
many thanks trudi, i am truly over the moon, its made the start of this year so special, many thanks again and send lots of love, dawnxx

Should I be Worried

So sorry not to have commented for the last few days, have had a severe head cold, bad enough to keep me in bed, tonight i was checking on my rb as i was feeling a little better and to my horror i find that 6 of my main stream pastel pictures have become not for sale, this i have not done myself,, some are my most popular pictures, Sunset Seas, Night Tiger, Moonbeach,Eifel Tower, out of the reeds and snarling tiger, i will send a bubble to rb to find out why this has happened, but urge all of you to double check your pictures, hope to catch up with you all soon, happy 2009, dawnx…

Ps found another 2 pictures within ten mins of finding these others, 2 of these are my best viewed and pictures that have sold, and all pastel pictures, nothing has happened to photo’s please check your pages,

Merge Featured

wow my pastel picture Merge has been featured in the fab fine art group,
many thanks you guys, i am delighted with this great start in 2009, dawnx

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