Dawn B Davies-McIninch

Bristol, United Kingdom

I hope to one day to be able to help with some important conservation projects, manyly on big cats, I have already undertaken a...

Stolen Art

Hello my Redbubble friends, so sorry for such a long absence from site, all due to many health issues for myself and my family. I just had to pop into let you know that two days ago I found that 6 pieces of my copyrighted art have been stolen by two sites called cowcow.com and ArtsNow.com. To my horror these pieces were stolen back in 2009 and they are showing many sales by grateful customers grrr, also to my horror they have these self same pieces of my art on nearly two thousand of their products, not sure what |I can do about it but I have told them to take my images off site and that I want an explanation. I have not heard a thing as yet . I urge you all to go check out cowcow.com first and type in the titles of your art to make sure that some of yours is not stolen too,Dawn

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