So I've ticked over 5000 views

but what have I learnt?

I’ve learnt it’s hard to get seen in a sea of art when you don’t even know what separates you from the crowd, let alone how to take advantage of it

I’ve learned I really don’t pick up my camera enough. Maybe time to invest in a second, leaner and lighter set-up.

I’ve learned I love portraiture. Trying to capture a person’s personality, or creating an idea with a person as a prop are both equally challenging and enjoyable.

I’ve learned when I actually get over my fear of asking people to participate in the above, they usually say yes!

I’ve learned that I still have many lessons left to learn, which works out well because I figure I have a while left to learn them. Hopefully with a few more lessons learnt, the next 5000 views will come more quickly and I’ll sell something to someone that doesn’t know me!

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