Photograhy course and new inspiration

I have seen a few discussions on Red Bubble and other photography forums I frequent about the merits of a doing formal photography training. Particularly for an ametur like myself who just like to make photo’s, there are definitely plenty of voices on both side of the argument.

A few weeks ago I signed up for one of the intermediate courses with the Australia Centre for Photography and so far I have really been enjoying it. In particular it makes me go out and shoot some photo’s every week and then subject them to the review of both my teacher and my classmates. That has been the best part about it for me, as sometimes the hardest part is just getting the camera in hand and letting off the shutter a few times!

I have a couple of shots that will be going up her and hopefully a few more to be made, in fact I am about to do a shoot for class now. In the meantime, I can say the ACP is a good place to try some classes if you are in Sydney and thinking about doing so. I’ll be back next year for some more advanced courses!

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