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Freelance Artist and Princess with a Beard, a 28 year old from Illinois hoping to bring some magic back to the world.

Slasher Princess Court

What is the Slasher Princess Court? What is a Slasher Princess?

Honestly, it’s just a fun mix-up of horror stories with princess fairy tales. What ends up happening is a fun twist on the classic campfire stories. These princesses are all inspired by classic Slasher icons like Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and more. In the tradition of taking two things and making them one, I take the stories we know and retell them as campfire stories. A princess who was killed at the lake and rises every Friday the 13th. A princess who roams Texas with a face made of human leather. They are meant in good fun and I do not proclaim to own the rights to the original characters. I just thought it would be fun to help create another kingdom unlike those seen before. This one, the princesses don’t need to be rescued. They need to be feared.

- Davy Ruiz

*I can not stress I do not own any of the slashers these princesses are inspired from. These a simply art pieces and done in parody. If you would like the full campfire tale of the princesses you can find them on my tumblr ( http://rufous13.tumblr.com )

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