Abstract Video

I’m thinking about ideas for abstract videos at the moment.

I want to have a wave moving. Possibly a mirror effect. I’m thinking of using still images to form the wave, or maybe video.

I’m wondering what natural or manmade structure I can use that has a wave that repeats or makes up part of the curve…

If I use video it’ll probably be from a digital still camera at VGA (640 × 480) but I will use multiples to make the available video larger than Standard Definition (720 × 576), and then I can move the footage around a bit.

As usual my mind is creating techniques rather than an artwork, although the waves idea does have some images in my head but they are hazy at best at the moment.

Like some of my photos on RB I want to create video art that is an optical effect/illusion, as well as abstract, so we’ll see.

I like the idea of using multiple video footage larger than Standard Definition, this lets you zoom in on footage without losing resolution (quality). You can also track (left. right, up, down), rotate, etc.

Also if you cut up footage you can form new interesting images.

On the other hand, I could use still images and move them around to create video…

I’ll have to think some more…

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