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Naked Science is a program made by National Geographic (US). ABC TV is showing one hour episodes on Tuesday’s at 11am.

I watched last week’s episode called “Birth of the Earth”. What I liked was the visual style of this show. It used a clock to illustrate how long it took for the earth to evolve to the point where it could sustain human life; 12 hours being 4.5 billion years. A simple but effective way to understand the vast timeframes involved.
Other graphics were a human figure fragmenting if the conditions on the planet weren’t habitable, the magnetosphere deflecting solar radiation, falling asteroids creating the oceans, and the formation of the moon (a small planet colliding with earth).
It was really thought provoking for me. Things that sprang to mind were:
the vastness of the universe and ‘time’
the chances of any planet evolving to support ‘life’ seeming extremely slim
we are incredibly lucky to be here

This week the focus is the Great Pyramids. I would not normally be that interested in this subject, but now I will check it out.

Some future episodes available to show, cover some interesting topics:
Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
Alien Visitations
Sexual Chemistry
The Moon
The Sun
Climate Change

If you are a visual person and like science, check it out.

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August 14th: Loch Ness
August 21st: Close Encounters

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