I Must Have That Frypan!

Today I thought I’d go and buy a cast iron frypan. They were on special for $20, which for a Le Creuset copy is really cheap. The store opens at 9am.

So I arrive at the store at 9:10am, walk inside and look for the frypans. All I can see is a big fat space below the product sign. I’m a little stunned. I ask a store person: “So all the frypans are gone then?”. “Yes” she says. “Jesus! its only 9:11” I reply. “Yeah, there was a mad rush of people, some were carrying ten” she says. “That’s not fair. How about a limit of one per customer?” I moan. “Yeah we talked about that…” she replies.
The store person was very helpful, offered to check other stores. I told her not to bother.

I reckon if had of got there at 9:01 I would’ve had to fight off the greedy hordes of frypan marauders….unbelievable.

But I had to have a frypan/skillet or else. So I headed to the mega shopping centre that is Highpoint and bought a large square cast iron skillet for $12.50.

Cast iron pans are coated in oil to stop them rusting so I’ve been trying to clean it all off. Then you have to ‘season’ it which means covering it in oil and baking for an hour at 200c. It got a bit smoky in my kitchen…

Why do I need a cast iron frypan? Well they are good for cooking meat as they have a very even heat and they don’t stick. I don’t eat much meat but when I do I want it done right.

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