Things I'm Enjoying

Cadbury Brunch Bars: Fruit ‘n’ Nut & Mixed Berry only.

Bird’s Eye Bubble ‘n’ Squeak: oven baked and lightly covered in tomato sauce.

Veggs eggs: lightly fried and placed on a half slice of toasted Original turkish pide that has been lightly spread with Sacli basil pesto. Then some tomato sauce on the egg.

Everybody Loves Raymond on Ten Melbourne around midnight Monday to Friday, sometimes a double episode.

The sun.

Thompson green seedless grapes from USA.

My cereal combo (see here)

Tracee Hutchison and Rebecca Barnard on RRR (The Word) talking about asparagus and its effects.

Seeing Christmas products in Coles & Safeway 10 weeks out from Christmas day and feeling smugly superior to the marketers by ignoring their efforts.

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