Diving Deep into Philosopy

I was looking at a friend’s family photos, and pointing at someone from the 1900s I said ‘that could’ve been you’. She replied ‘you don’t have to stay in the same family’. I said ‘some people might stay in group or they could jump around, or both’.
We were referring to reincarnation of course. There’s a few possibilities:
Reincarnating within the same bloodline: coming back as a direct descendant of yourself, a great, great, great, grandfather perhaps. So if you read accounts of the distant relative you’d be reading about yourself, as you once were.
Reincarnating according to professions: coming back as an artist until you are quite accomplished or a prodigy.
Reincarnating in different cultures or races: to get an understanding of human culture.
All the above examples assume we make conscious choices of who we will reincarnate as. If we don’t make conscious choices what guides us? Is it karma? The results of our actions in one life resulting in the next life or a future life if there’s more than one karmic stream flowing at the same time. Like an ancient game of leapfrog.
Of course the overriding question to all this is: does life as we know it continue after physical death? Or is it like we fall asleep and cease to dream? The answer is one of two things: life ends or life continues. Time will tell.

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