The Twenty-Os?

The Twenty-Os? The years from 2000-2009 need a name.

What about:

The Two Thousands


The Twenty Hundreds.

Let’s look backward and forward:

The Os
The Ten-Os
The Twenty-Os (2000-2009)
The Twenty One-Os (2100-2109)
The Thirty-Os
The Fourty-Os

etcetera to

The Ninety Nine-Os (9900-9909)
The Ten Thousand-Os (10000-10009)


The O Thousands
The One Thousands
The Two Thousands
The Three Thousands
The Four Thousands

etcetera to

The Nine Ninety Thousands? (99000-99009)
The Nine Hundred and Ninety Thousands? (990000-990009)


The O Hundreds
The Ten Hundreds
The Twenty Hundreds
The Thirty Hundreds
The Forty Hundreds

etcetera to

The Ninety Nine Hundreds (9900-9909)
The O Ten Thousands

The Twenty-Os is the only one without a problem. It also has the least syllables, making it easier to say.

It could be moot if human civilisation becomes extinct in a few hundred years or so.
Still, if we make it, we need a naming system.

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