Returned to Melbourne

It was too hard, so I gave up looking for a place…
Drove back to Melbourne via Coffs Habour, Newcastle, Canberra and Albury: 1900kms.
Boy, am I glad to be home.
The cold sucks though.

Moved to Brisbane

I have moved to Brisbane.
Well, I’m trying.
I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which Melbourne’s climate (cold) was making worse.
I drove up in May, did some WWOOFing in Nambour, then came back to Brisbane and started looking for a share house.

Shit Hot Mate!

Somewhere in an Australian suburb near you…

Macca: Seen Johnno’s new Falcon, Dazza?
Dazza: Good?
Macca: Shit hot mate!
Dazza: Yeah?
Macca: Yep.


Macca: Have you seen John’s new large car, Darren?
Dazza: Is it good?
Macca: Extremely good my friend!
Dazza: Oh is it?
Macca: Yes it is.

Shit hot mate.

The Twenty-Os?

The Twenty-Os? The years from 2000-2009 need a name.…

What about:

The Two Thousands


The Twenty Hundreds.

Let’s look backward and forward:

The Os
The Ten-Os
The Twenty-Os (2000-2009)
The Twenty One-Os (2100-2109)
The Thirty-Os
The Fourty-Os

etcetera to

The Ninety Nine-Os (9900-9909)
The Ten Thousand-Os (10000-10009)


The O Thousands
The One Thousands
The Two Thousands
The Three Thousands
The Four Thousands

etcetera to

The Nine Ninety Thousands? (99000-99009)
The Nine Hundred and Ninety Thousands? (990000-990009)


The O Hundreds
The Ten Hundreds
The Twenty Hundreds
The Thirty Hundreds
The Forty Hundreds

etcetera to

The Ninety Nine Hundreds (9900-9909)
The O Ten Thousands

The Twenty-Os is the only one without a problem. It also has the least syllables, making it easier to say.

It could be moot if

Black Is Good

I’ve been getting into black food lately. By that I mean food that is black in colour.…

It started when my Chinese Medicine doctor-in-training recommended sesame seeds. In Chinese medicine sesame seeds are moistening. My doctor mentioned that black sesame seeds were better for you than white. I’d seen white sesame seeds but I thought they were the only kind.

I went to the Minh Phat Chinese grocery store in Thierry St, next to the Victoria Market, and picked up a bag. I throw a teaspoon of them into my vegies and rice dishes.
You can also get pre-mixed sesame seed powder and sugar, that you pour boiling water over and leave it until it thickens. It’s a dessert apparently.

They also have black sesame snacks that are half sesame seeds and sugar. Yum.

Sesame seeds are best pulverised to maximis

Book Of The Movie

A book was written.
It was optioned for a movie.
The movie of the book was made.
The book became a best seller.
Quotes from the book were put on t-shirts and stickers.
The book became a phenomenon.
A documentary was made about the author.
A documentary was made about the phenomenon.
The author became famous.
A book was written about the author.
A book was written about the phenomenon.
The book of the phenomenon was optioned for a movie.
The movie of the book of the phenomenon was made.
A new generation discovered the book.
The book became a best seller again.
The author became famous again.
Another book was written about the author.
And so it goes.

The Human Tendency To Define Equals No Wonder

The human tendency to define reduces the wonder of the world.

Instead of seeing a unique flower, we see a daisy which is basically the same as all other daisies.

This defining tendency seems to be a necessary survival trait; otherwise we would be so intrigued by our surroundings, we wouldn’t do what is necessary to live.

Abstract Video

I’m thinking about ideas for abstract videos at the moment.…

I want to have a wave moving. Possibly a mirror effect. I’m thinking of using still images to form the wave, or maybe video.

I’m wondering what natural or manmade structure I can use that has a wave that repeats or makes up part of the curve…

If I use video it’ll probably be from a digital still camera at VGA (640 × 480) but I will use multiples to make the available video larger than Standard Definition (720 × 576), and then I can move the footage around a bit.

As usual my mind is creating techniques rather than an artwork, although the waves idea does have some images in my head but they are hazy at best at the moment.

Like some of my photos on RB I want to create video art that is an optical effect/illusion, as well as abstrac

Great Snacks #1

I’ve been going to the Victoria Market each Saturday for about 6 weeks to get my organic supplies. One of the bread shops in the Deli Hall has an “Organic Wheat (Sour)” bread loaf that is pretty fine. I get it cut for toast.

1. I toast the bread in my Tefal toaster (it has an electronic timer with orange display that counts down the time and then beeps).
I like to toast until the bread is fairly dark but not burnt. It is a fine line…

2. I spread some ’Yumi’s’ regular hommus thickly over the toast.

3. I then sprinkle some organic white sesame seeds over the hommus. It makes it looks cool, and adds a little health benefit too. Although black sesame are about 3 times more healthy…

It is so good.

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