Mars Attack Part 9 Who's hiding ?


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I’ll be right back so keep your eyes on it and if its not human run.
Ok Dave will do!
And I mean run I’ll be right back!
Hey Dave don’t do anything stupid!Ok?
Don’t you worry I plan on being here for a long time!
I’ll be right back.
(Dave running through the house)
Hey Mike hold off on the Video I ‘ll be right back somethings hiding in the bushes!
Hey Dave I’ll come with you too!
No Mike check the back and make sure that Ajax and Joneymac get in the house!
Dave what’s in the bushes?
Hey Alan your back already?
Yea,So what’s in the back?
I don’t know but Ajax and Janeymac were in the back looking for their dogs when they saw someone hiding in the bushes!
Did you get a good look at it ?
No just their eyes shining and a figure standing in the dark shadows of the bushes.
Look when we get out front don’t jump this thing lets be cool and just look until we know what it is ok?
You always are the first to jump into something Alan so lets just be cool!
Got that?
Ok Ok!
Shuuu..get behind that tree.
Quiet…… Alan see it there?
Yea I see it what is it?
I don’t know but its got really long hair,gray hair it seems or white its shining in the light.
Is it a man or woman or one of them?
I can’t tell but I think its a woman it seems to have the shape of a woman see it has breast!
Oh I missed that I was too busy looking at the hair.
Your always looking at someone’s breast!
Gee Alan you always got sex on your mind even now!LOL
Your too much!
Well you never know when its gonna be your last time!LOL
Ok Alan this is not the time to be thinking about sex!
Well I think its the best time this could be my last thought!
Quiet Alan come on lets get behind that other tree over there!
Now can you see better from here?
Yea its human Dave good then lets get it!
On three you come from the left I’ll come from the right!
Now watch my fingers!
Two, Three!
See that and then run!
Ok I got it gee we’re not commando’s Dave! Well you better start thinking like one or it might be your life!
And you know what that means?
No more sex!!
Ok get ready!
And watch my fingers got that?
Shut up and get to your tree that one there!
Car horn blowing real loud and screaming out the window!!
What the hell is that?
Who the hell is blowing their car horn?
Hey Dave look in the bushes that thing is gone!
Damn it!!
This better be good.
Who the hell is that?
I don’t know that car its got out of state plates!
From where?
California! Who’s in California?
My wife’s sister but what the hells she doing back here?
Running to the car and horn honking loudly!
Romo Romo is that you?
Hey Dave yea I colored my hair and and and still stutter as you can see see!
Damn I thought you were all settled in with that new boyfriend and hanging out by his pool!
Hell no I dumped that loser! But I’ll tell you about that later!
Have you seen the TV Dave?
Well their back on and Dave this shit is getting real scary!!
What’s going on?
They have put a dome over manhattan and no ones going in or out and the Mayor is missing too!
The Mayor?
Yea and all his assistants too!
When did this happen?
Just an hour ago I heard it as I was driving here.
When did you leave California?
3 days ago!
You drove here in 3 days its a 4 day drive yea well thanks to these little pink pills I made it!
Oh no your not pill popping again?
Hell no just for this trip! See all gone!
So did they say anything else?
No just that all travel to Manhattan is over and all travel to Washington DC is finished too!
What ? Oh yea yea,I,I,I, forgot they put a dome over DC too!
Gee’s us what a mess!
What are you doing out here?
We saw someone in the bushes and were going to catch them but you came up like the army making all kinds of noise and they ran off!
Was it one of them?
No we don’t think so!
Oh by the way this is Alan my best buddy and don’t mind him he’s a tit man!
So try to wear something more revealing to keep his mind off of your… Well you know what I mean!
Ok Ok Ok, I, I, I, got it but this is my LA look I’ll cover up later!
Hey Alan good good to meet you!
Like what you see?LOL
Alan Blushing well Romo ugh well!
LOL oh look at you my buddy Alan stuck for words with a woman!
Well Romo I think you better cover up your distracting my right arm guy.
Anyway lets get in the house no one knows about this so let me break this to them!
Ok Alan you go off into the house make sure everyone is seated and let me say a word to Romo ok?
Yea sure Dave.
See ya in the house.
What’s the matter Dave?
Its your sister she’s in a bad way real depressed about this and I think she’s gonna need your support and mine as much as possible ok?
So chill it with them looks at Alan for the minute and give her your attention while I try to get this together here ok?
will do!
No problem Dave I will give her my full attention!
Ok .
love ya!
Love ya too!
Ok to the house I’ll look around a little more I’ll be right in!
Dave walking to the bushes.
Hey you I see you there come on out and stop playing hide and seek!
And what the hell are you doing hiding in the bushes?
And who the hell are you?
Come on speak up!
What’s your name?
My Names Kate.
I’am Dave.
Kate you said? And where are you from? I live 3 blocks over and was out looking for my dog and saw this house with so many people and wanted to see what was going on!
An what did you think?
I was trying to figure that out then you saw me.
Well I was thinking this was better than sitting in my house alone but I wasn’t too sure if you were people or aliens?
An now?
Well come on in and we will fill you in on what we know and then we will find a place for you to stay for the night!
(Loud screaming coming from the house!)
What the hell is that?
(Kate and Dave running to the house)
Who is that?
I don’t know!
(Running through the door)
Oh my God what the hell is going on?
Hey Mike what the hell is going on?
Its that woman Shanina she’s screaming like someone just died!
What triggered that?
She was looking at that plant on the window sill and just went crazy!
She just started to scream and that was that and then you showed up!
Maybe you talk to her and see what you can do!
(Dave sitting down next to Shanina)
Hello Shanina you remember me Dave right? This is my house your in.
Can you look at me please?
Hello Shanina Hello?
Mike, I think she’s in a trance!
She didn’t see the video!
I don’t think she needed to Mike I think that plant over there told her all she needed to know!
And now what?

End Of Part 9

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