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This is one of the flowers from my show and poems for her.

I live my life with respect for each persons. A person colors not important to me. But for some it its a matter that decides who their friend’s will be.I shoot fashion for a living and in this field I see many things thats not discussed that could change the world for the better. The world is not a just place, but somethings can make a change. And just a little movement in the right direction can make a huge success.
This is but one example of the unjust world of fashion and how it effects our views on what we see ourselves as.And what our children will view as their role models and most of all what the world views us as.
This is my opinion.

Skin so black lips so soft and hair that’s like lambs wool.
I see your struggle every day in this white world fine sister.
Your working two jobs just to make ends meet so your children have a home.
I watch you struggle every day as the doors close in your educated face.
Skin too black and lips too big and hair just too damn nappy.
Who set the rules that you need to look like Halle Berry to be accepted?
While she’s just fine she’s one of us but she looks just like she’s white.
Now thats ok but what ever happen to the sisters that are blacker.
Where are these wonders of the world that kings gave up their lives for?
With ebony skin and nappy hair and lips so full once kissed you won’t forget them !
Why is it when I take a walk to the local book store, sitting there on all the shelves are only pretty white girls.
They come in every shade you want from bone white to the brownest.
And hair of every color you would think it was a rainbow.
Why is it that they have full lips and some have nappy hair?
And some even look black with the makeup that they wear.
The art directors make white girls look like you my queen, while it seems they have a hidden secret their trying to keep you out of magazines.
Why is it that all the fashion magazines are missing you my friend.
They have inside 150 girls that are all white on those pages and you tell me there no room for one woman of color?.
White girls come in different colors from alabaster to the darkest shade of white.
Some have red hair and there’s brunettes too and black hair thats real pretty.
And so many blonds it makes you go crazy they look like one another.
And forget about the shades of brown hair from the lightest to the darkest.
And curly hair in every shade and even looking nappy.
Why is it that white women can look so many ways and no one has a problem?
But when it comes to black women now thats a different problem.
This is what I hear them say…
“Our readers won’t accept her she’s maybe just too dark, or are her lips just too big for this Gucci project?
I think her hairs too nappy, and look at all her breast and I am too sorry but her skins to dark it will clash with all our outfits!”
And when it comes to the the public they try to set the tone you don’t get in to this magazine unless your skin is white.
An art directors decision is based on his home town!
Most of these art directors fall in line right behind their boss.
So if she’s closed minded you better bet that her assistant is that too.
But you my fine black sister to get accepted need to look like you are white?
And forget about the top magazines they have stabbed you with a knife!
Maybe once a year they will bring out someone thats black but she’s looking like she’s white.
You pass the page right by her, there’s not one thing that’s black about her.
Skin so fair an lips so thin its hard to tell the difference.
And then they had their hair straightened out to look like their blond sisters.
What is it about you my fine black sister why are they trying to kill you?
I look at all these magazine and all I see is white.
What happens to our little children when white is all they see.
Is their black skin not good enough to one day be on that Vogue cover?
Aren’t you someone to celebrate like all those other women?
We have 200 magazines standing in my face and I look from top to bottom.
Not one black face to be found and forget about the other colors… their missing in there too.
Why is it that to get a cover you need to be white?
I thought fashion was blind to color but they play by their own rules!
What is it about your jet black skin and your nappy hair and lips so big and full that makes people look at you with fear.
And forget about respect my sister they don’t know what that is.
Lips so big and eyes so brown and body made of steel.
Hair so strong right out of Africa will be with you all your life.
What is it about you my fine sister that they wanna kill you off?
And then they run to the doctors office to get their lips pumped up?
They killed off all the black men theirs maybe 5 black stars.
And when you look at TV we’re hardly there at all.
The only place you’ll see us now is on MTV acting like we’re gangsters.
And you my Queen have almost vanished your like a dinosaur.
I sat back and asked myself what really going on and I came up with this simple answer that some won’t like at all.
I know why your a dying breed its fear thats thats killed you off.
Your the giver of black life and all that their afraid of.
With out you here we’d vanish and thats what some people want.
So you my sister are a Queen I’ll say it loud and clear!
I don’t care how hard they work to make you disappear my heart is always yours!
I give a damn that your not on a Vogue cover but I don’t call the shots.
But in my heart you will always be more than a silly cover.
You wear one nobel title above all others women…
You my fine sister black skin, big lips, and nappy hair, are the creator of mankind and I love you very much!

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